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Food for better.

Food is one of the utterly core essentials in our lives. Even when it’s not in our mouths it’s on our minds. And if the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that much needs to be reimagined in the food industry. That’s where Vegetable + Butcher comes in. This DC-based meal delivery platform is rethinking everything when it comes to healthful prepared meals and the impact they leave behind. So we built their brand identity around one core philosophy above all: food for better. Because we all deserve plant-forward, nourishing meals that leave your plate, your peace of mind, and our planet, better off. Now let’s eat.

The visual identity.

Vegetable + Butcher was created as the antithesis of restrictive eating, bland flavors, and misguided sourcing. Instead, this is a brand driven to be a force for wellness. So we built a mission-centric experience that hums with energy and elegance—from the distinctive elevated logo, to the core visual emblem we’ve dubbed The Positive, to the multidimensional visual look that enriches it all. Armed with this distinct new vibe and a comprehensive set of guidelines and visual standards, V+B is prepared to graduate from homegrown go-to to a regional powerhouse and well beyond.

“It was a true pleasure working with Contrast & Co., and we look forward to hopefully becoming lifelong partners.”

Turner Hoff / Cofounder & CEO, Vegetable + Butcher

The website.

Storytelling was a central priority for the Vegetable + Butcher team, but subscriptions, loyalty, and engagement were equally crucial. So we developed a comprehensive component library and a content-forward, Shopify-optimized interactive experience that blends the organization’s outlook with outcomes in seamless harmony. The result is mouthwatering, intuitive, informative, and scalable to serve the organization over time. Plus, it’s also just plain fun.

The packaging.

Pixels and photos are important—but it’s the food itself that must shine above all else. That’s where packaging became critical. From juice and tonic bottles to meal cartons to accenting elements like energy bites, we left no detail unaddressed, blending nutritional requirements, practical considerations, and playful accents across every touchpoint. The result? A comprehensive and sophisticated packaging experience that complements the meals while letting them shine.

The ethos.

From the very beginning, the team’s personal priorities and ethics have driven their decision-making—from the meals created to the partnerships built to the impact felt to the region and our earth. So we were honored to evoke that outlook through a voice and messaging strategy designed to flex seamlessly across social content, advertising, team culture materials, and beyond. From playful alliterative constructs to seamlessly repeatable phrases and content systems, the voice stands up to the visual experience in equal and intentional balance. It’s a brand with something to say—and now, the words to speak with confidence.