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It's time to Tendo.

Tendo is a healthcare technology platform intensely motivated by one core question: “Why can’t healthcare experiences be easy?” This mission-driven organization applies modern, cloud-based technologies to healthcare in order to become the trusted connection between patients, clinicians, and caregivers throughout the care journey. These core audiences—patients, clinicians, and caregivers—formed the backbone of the brand experience we built for Tendo. The result is human-centric, dynamic, simple, and highly usable. It’s intentionally distinctive in the crowded competitive landscape. And above all, it’s the foundation the organization needs as it sets out to evolve from early-stage innovator to nationally embedded healthcare platform. It’s time to reimagine healthcare. It’s time to Tendo.

The visual identity.

More than anything, Tendo is focused on banishing the barriers that have become all too common in healthcare. So the organization’s visual identity is as connective and warm as the healthcare tech ecosystem they’re setting out to create. That begins with the logo, with its distinctly balanced pairing of monogram and logotype. From there, the window-like gateway shape adds range and a sense of welcome. And to bring it all together: a friendly typeface, striking palette, and people-centric photography woven seamlessly across each touchpoint.

The monogram.

With its matching curved sides, the Tendo monogram evokes the shape of a “t”—but its intent carries far beyond first glance. A closer look reveals the silhouette of an individual with outstretched hands, the perfect reinforcement of the organization’s people-focused experience. And this core visual marker goes well beyond the basics of monogram usage—expanding and adapting to serve as an image-masking mechanism, a kicker, and a framing device for portraiture. As a one-off, it’s eye-catching; but woven throughout the brand, it’s the anchor to the whole experience.

The mission.

Before a brand is a brand, it is an idea and the set of beliefs that inspired it. For Tendo, this outlook was paramount to the resulting experience we created together. So we began not merely with color or typography, but with meaning. From a central strategic messaging framework to culture-driving organizational values to business pillars, soundbites, and talking points—no word went unconsidered in the resulting content hierarchy. Because a core brand idea—“It’s time”—creates a sense of urgency; but the real work comes with applying this motivating idea to assets large and small.

The potential.

Tendo is working toward a new center of gravity—one that delivers a more singular view of patients to improve their experiences, all while easing the burden on clinicians and caregivers. This technical and strategic target is no small task. But the organization is also building an aspiration. A feeling. And even the smallest elements can contribute to that rallying cry. So practical yet delightful elements are the ultimate finishing touch, reinforcing a sense of wellness, hospitality, and ease in even the most fleeting moments.