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DC done differently.

The world is transforming by the hour. Today’s public policy environment demands a fresh way of approaching challenges, seeing around corners, and delivering not merely on policy objectives, but on business strategy. That’s where Mindset thrives. This bipartisan public policy firm set out to reimagine its identity to reinforce its distinct offering in DC—but its aspirations for the new identity went far beyond mere function or elegance. So they asked us to create a new name, identity, and a comprehensive public policy firm branding experience that captured where they—and our nation, for that matter—were going next. The core orientating idea that focuses their approach: DC done differently. More than a tagline or a platitude, this is a point of view. A promise they make to their clients every day. A commitment to go beyond the old solutions and formulas often tapped in their space—and to push forward toward an impact-based approach with transformational potential.

Establishing the perspective.

We explored many contenders to become the name the firm would carry forward for years to come—but ultimately, we collaboratively chose Mindset because we knew the brand needed a name that could transcend the services it offered and the expertise its team brought to their work. A name that captured a unique way of thinking and distinct approach. And above all, a name that speaks to the exceptional value they provide to clients. Only one name could do that. The Cypress Group is now, simply, Mindset.

Crafting the identity.

Mindset is a matter of perspectives and principles—so the firm’s visual identity needed to follow suit. We began with the concept of a quotation mark, the ultimate embodiment of one’s point of view. From there, we adapted the shape into a signature monogram that’s also intentionally evocative of the “M” in their name. Next, we explored many avenues for how we could visually portray what sets Mindset apart. Different colors, different photography, different tone of voice. But ultimately, we arrived at the finished experience because we knew it not only stood out from the competition—it served as a dimensional reflection of the experience they create.

Codifying the culture.

From our earliest conversations with Mindset, we saw they cared about their clients—and about one another, too. So Mindset became the embodiment of the principles its team shares, and the disciplined approach they bring to those they serve. Curiosity, not cookie-cutter solutions. Patience, not platitudes. Analysis, not assumptions. These are the pillars the firm lives by and the lens through which they act. And ultimately, these nine central ideas are codified and applied across everything from recruitment materials to client touchpoints and beyond.

Expanding the framework.

Crafting a reimagined brand experience is the ultimate privilege. But the true work begins where the rubber meets the road. So we armed the Mindset team with a signature website that reinforces their distinct point of view, details their sector expertise, and includes a Mindful insights vertical that highlights their most essential takeaways. From there, we built a host of resources and frameworks to serve the firm for years to come. From a nuanced presentation deck system to business development materials to social and content resources to suit all manner of strategic goals, we built a framework that’s as effective as it is attractive. And perhaps most importantly, we developed each asset with long-term flexibility in mind—so their team can seamlessly adapt and grow with tools that can actually keep up.