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This way.

In the world’s most iconic metropolis, the Upper West Side is so much more than just another neighborhood. It’s quintessential NYC. It’s has been nearly a quarter-century since a new NYC residential rental property emerged here. Until now. Welcome to 266 West 96th. This is more than an address. It’s a pivotal opportunity to live on the Upper West Side, from the exceptionally thoughtful and detail-oriented team at Fetner Properties. This isn’t just any new building. It’s a groundbreaking residence that promises an entirely fresh way of living. Ready to have a look around? Right this way.

The visual identity.

One of the most interesting distinctions of this building: its heritage. The foundation of this building was once one of the original NYC substations—and it has since been a home to champions of civil rights. So when it came to designing its role as a residence, we were determined to ensure it felt native to the community. We focused on the synthesis of classic and contemporary, starting with the supporting logo stamp that’s rotated 25 degrees as a nod to the Upper West Side. What else? The Doorway shape nods to the original entryway’s arches, The Cartouche accenting design element is derived from the original stonework on the facade, and the color palette is drawn straight from the hues that make this neighborhood so special—right down to the Substation Yellow accent color that brings things full-circle to the building’s roots.

“You all make the branding/marketing part of my job easy. Thank you.”

Randi Fetner Sherman | Executive Vice President, Fetner

The doorway.

The Fetner team is breathing new life into this space—but this core Doorway shape persists, both as an anchor at the entryway and a visual symbol throughout the brand. This simple yet distinctly customized shape adds boundless flexibility to the visual experience. With a recognizable silhouette and symmetrical proportions, it’s valuable for a variety of uses, whether as a standalone window into the building’s distinct experience, or as a multidimensional tool when presented in series. Plus, the potential for animating and bringing interactive energy to this shape makes it all the more powerful, serving as a doorway into the building, its personality, and the lives of the residents who will call it home.

The debut.

Perhaps our favorite part of the 266 West 96th Street brand experience: the flexibility of its foundations. There are countless possibilities when it comes to embedding the brand palette and visual signals into everything from sales and marketing resources to building decor elements. These treatments are folded in with discretion, as with wallpaper or pillows, allowing the base finishes and architecture of the property to shine. New resident materials get folded in, too, creating practical-yet-delightful elements that reinforce the building’s personality to prospective residents, partners, and colleagues alike. And of course, the signature brand idea persists throughout. Here, you can live, work, play, and relax the way you’ve always wanted.