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Rule Your Risk

In case you’re unclear who’s winning the cyberwar, it’s not the good guys. Despite staggering security investments by organizations, attackers continue to execute new tactics daily that breach even the most secure of security stacks. And when it comes to safeguarding their surfaces and defending against risk, most organizations don’t know where to start. Enter CyCognito, a revolutionary new approach to risk management driven to create positive business impact. Far deeper than strictly external attack surface management, CyCognito helps organizations identify, understand, and master their risk in profound new ways. The anchoring concept that oriented the brand: Rule Your Risk.

The Visual Identity

Spanning across the cyber surface of every organization are small, almost imperceptible gaps—areas of vulnerability most organizations don’t even know exist. These gaps are concentrated and specific. Even more importantly, they’re highly attractive as targets, meaning they’re often where the true threat lies. So that’s where we focused. These gaps became the core Pixel Pattern that guides the entire visual experience for CyCognito. From there, we reinforced the foundation with numerous thoughtful details—from the Rule Your Risk lockup to the typography to the C monogram—that collectively result in a cybersecurity brand that’s sophisticated and intelligent yet highly approachable.

“I am grateful for Contrast & Co. as partners!”

Aisling MacRunnels | Chief Growth & Strategy Officer, CyCognito

The Website

When devising the website experience, we knew we needed to place brand and product on equal footing from the very beginning. So we centered the Rule Your Risk message first and foremost, painting a picture of the unique challenge and opportunity offered through CyCognito’s unique approach. From there, we showcased the platform’s functionality, clearly delineating between its core functions and appropriate educational context. By creating a balance between the nuanced world of External Attack Surface Management and the underlying motivations and priorities that incentivize CyCognito’s buying audiences, we created an experience that’s equally effective for CISO and CEO viewers.

The Event Experience

Companies invest millions of dollars to be more secure, but often still have hidden vulnerabilities across their surface. CyCognito entered this arena to address that gap—and the need grows more urgent every day. An inviting and scalable conference experience was a natural extension of a digital-first sales strategy. So we partnered with the marketing team to develop a large-scale booth experience that just so happened to be the grand unveiling for their new brand experience. In addition to the 360-degree booth build-out, we activated the sales team with branded t-shirts that reinforced the platform experience in a dynamically wearable way.