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Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Brand Positioning & Messaging
Packaging Design

The Pursuit of Shanto

We’ve all been there. Popping a daily supplement pill or two. Realizing that routine has grown to include numerous pills a day. Adding infusions and powders and droppers of health-enriching formulas, often characterized by long ingredient lists and impossible pronunciations. That’s where Shanto comes in. Shanto’s revolutionary oral spray supplements are tailor-made to enhance your well-being—without the usual bother of pills, powders, or infusions. Shanto believes that optimal health is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. We spend too much time aspiring to be well. To be calm. To be rested. What if we could actually achieve it? With Shanto, you can. This is the pursuit of Shanto.

The Visual Identity

The word Shanto has roots in both Arabic and Japanese—and in each culture, the term connotes a sense of calm and contentment. So we knew we wanted to exemplify this outlook through each visual choice we made. From the confident yet understated color palette to the inviting curvature of the logotype to the water droplet-inspired pattern, each detail is thoughtful, intentional, and entirely distinctive. It’s a simple foundation—and it’s one we’re confident will equip the Shanto team with the building blocks needed to accelerate the identity forward well beyond launch.

"Contrast & Co. did an amazing job with our Shanto Naturals brand and label designs. We were impressed with their speed of execution, attention to detail and quality of work. They understood the essence of our brand and created colors and messaging that aligned with our values. We enjoyed the whole process and would highly recommend them!"

Vincent Hu | Cofounder, Shanto Naturals

The Sales & Marketing Elements

To get the ball rolling, this friendly ecommerce brand needed a flexible, ready-to-run set of marketing and sales materials to effectively demonstrate the unique qualities and differentiators of these unique products. So we cast a wide net, considering everything from the website experience to outdoor advertising to signage and stationery. And as the team sets their sights on emerging opportunities like influencer marketing or referral programming, the visual elements are poised to adapt and accelerate seamlessly with each new tactic.

The Packaging

Perhaps most critical to this distinctive supplement company’s debut: the packaging. So we developed a carefully curated color palette, distinctive naming cadence, and all the right unifying elements to bring the whole suite together as one. From spray bottles to boxes and even fun bonus elements like packing tape, we left no detail unaddressed, blending allergen requirements, practical considerations, and playful accents across every touchpoint. The result? A comprehensive and sophisticated packaging experience that complements the sprays while letting them shine.