Services Provided:
Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Brand Positioning & Messaging
Website Design

Command Your Channel

Organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on technology to enhance how they work. But where do these technologies come from? How do they operate and integrate? On the one hand, managed service providers seek to build the ideal stack for their clients. And on the flip side, vendors build powerful solutions to some of the most complex challenges organizations face. Both sides face a dizzying array of options. So Channel Program decided to do something about it. The result? The only coordinated MSP-vendor network empowering synthesis, strategy, and sales momentum for both sides of the channel ecosystem. We were inspired by these themes of connection and confidence from the get-go—so we built the brand around it.

Own Your Look

The Channel Program logo is a modern, clutter-free lockup of two essential components: the logotype and the monogram. From here, we zeroed in on color, balancing orange and blue in even weights for a clear sense of dynamism and personality. Another key focal point of the experience: photography. We centered the channel user in as many ways as possible, implementing a distinctive cutout style to portraiture that balances seamlessly with the brand monogram. And last but not least, the dot pattern, which signals the brand’s role as a connective force in the tech space.

Connect the Dots

The brand monogram draws the eye—but it’s The Connector element that completes the story. Derived from the inverse of the monogram, this signature shape is a visual embodiment of Channel Program’s dual audiences, MSPs and vendors. The Connector reinforces the marketplace’s sophisticated approach with a balanced, two-sided composition and a streamlined aesthetic.

Build Your System

This team has navigated the channel as tech innovators and marketers firsthand, and they’ve optimized tools and resources based on extensive experience in this space. So we developed a visual experience to stretch and grow with their offerings—starting with Channel Pitch, Channel Pick, and My Channel Program. Each element corresponds to customized messaging, not to mention a featured pattern treatment that stretches and adapts as the organization grows.

See and Be Seen

Channel Program knows its audiences exceptionally well—and swag is a small but mighty vehicle for reinforcing the brand’s point of view. As the team makes its mark within the digital sphere as well as beyond it in physical events and activations, they’re equipped with thoughtfully designed brand elements of all shapes and sizes, from mugs to sweatshirts to water bottles. These materials draw potential partners or business leads to the brand—then their team does the rest.