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In the landscape of insurance defense, nothing is simple. Whether navigating workers’ compensation matters, medical malpractice concerns, or on-premises liability cases, intricacy runs deep and the stakes incredibly high—especially in Florida. Enter Rissman. With offices stretching across the state and nearly 100 lawyers navigating the nuances and demands of defense, this powerful insurance defense firm has cultivated an approach that’s truly distinct. So we set out to reflect their aggressive drive, collaborative spirit, and passionate dedication to results through a distinctive brand experience. The result? Poise, heft, and resolution, embodied.

The visual identity.

Often, when we approach brands, color is codified further along in our progress. Not so with Rissman. From the very beginning of our conversations, we felt the tenacity and poise of the firm coming through. There was no other color for Rissman but red. With the palette polished, we shifted our gaze outward to the remaining feature elements. From a striking logomark and accompanying monogram, to a sophisticated yet familiar typeface, to photography that feels at once elevated yet distinctly local to the firm’s Florida roots, the brand experience is an exercise in consistency and confidence.

The practice areas.

Some firms prefer to silo their efforts. Narrow their scope. Restrict their potential. Not Rissman. This is a firm that has aligned two exceptionally powerful practices—Workers’ Compensation Defense and Liability Defense—under one umbrella from the beginning. So we set out to build a brand experience with subtle nods to duality throughout, starting with the core brand monogram and stretching outward from there. From here, Rissman’s ready with a visual identity that balances a two-part outlook with a central strategy.

The messaging.

Stiff. Complex. Wordy. These are the terms often associated with law firm brand messaging—and they were precisely the descriptors we wanted to avoid with the Rissman voice. Instead, we sought words like bold, direct, and succinct. The result: messaging with precision and heft that measures up to the personalities and capabilities of each and every employee within the Rissman team.

The legacy.

Rissman has been delivering powerful outcomes for clients for the past 50 years. And over the course of each passing decade, the firm has added offices, clients, and colleagues. Now, they’re focused on the future. So we equipped the team with a range of practical and playful swag elements. Now, they’re outfitted and optimized, both while on the clock at events and conferences, and off the books when beach o’clock rolls around.

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