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Seize the night. Rule the day.

SNUGZ is a revolutionary new sleep-mask liner designed for patients who suffer from the CPAP experience. Unlike its competitors’, the SNUGZ solution is simple and elegant, and the founders were seeking to create a brand that reflected that distinction. The competitive landscape was defined by brands featuring exhausted images of middle-aged men wistfully staring off into the sunset, so we decided to take an entirely fresh approach. Using 3-D product renders, big bright gradients, and a fun, playful voice, we gave them a uniquely new CPAP product branding experience that has visually redefined their marketing category.

The beauty of sleep.

The benefits of SNUGZ extend far beyond the bedroom. Sleep lies at the core of good health, so we created an identity designed to embrace it. Two strong statements—Seize the Night, and Rule the Day—form the backbone of brand messaging, and are illustrated by two opposing gradients reflecting the concepts of sunset and sunrise. A friendly logo, approachable typography and an intuitive system of icons add clarity to the experience. Together, it all quietly expresses the connection between better sleep and better living.

A Simple New Solution.

Most existing mask-liner solutions require customization, scissors and sticky tape. Not SNUGZ. With its unique one-size-fits-all solution, the beauty of this product lies in its intelligent design and uncomplicated experience. We reflected these characteristics throughout the brand in both design and messaging. Scannable layouts, open compositions and short punchy statements make it all easy to understand and use.

Product Branding With Wings.

Every touchpoint of the SNUGZ experience was designed to be delightful, and the packaging was no exception. The industry standard of bulky plastic bags and cumbersome instruction manuals wasn’t going to fly, so we designed a highly innovative product package inspired by the wings of a butterfly. The packaging can sit elegantly in a bedside drawer, keeping SNUGZ within easy reach. Each unit houses two SNUGZ liners, a sleek accordion brochure, and just the right amount of messaging. A small footprint keeps things tight, and a few fun, sleep-related facts inject just the right amount of personality.

A Gentle, Intelligent Interactive Experience.

The simplicity of the SNUGZ identity turns a regular web visit into a serene, interactive event. Floating design elements and subtle CSS animations reinforce the lightweight feel of the product. The award-winning WordPress site is fully responsive and mobile-ready, and under the hood, Shopify powers the online ordering experience. Quotes sprinkled throughout the site reinforce concepts and add personality. The empathetic, accessible voice reinforces how SNUGZ works and explains the benefits of a good night’s sleep.