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Attend with purpose.

For far too long, the world of conferences, professional development, and networking has been dominated by bulging exhibition halls, enmeshed topical tracks, and misaligned meetings. What’s more, our virtual-collaboration reality has us imagining a very different version of the future—one where sprawling sites and outsized crowds may just become memories. That’s where Consero comes in. Consero is an elite conference experience where industry’s senior leaders come together to learn, grow, and address the challenges of tomorrow. We partnered with Consero to capture the facets of the existing experience that had propelled them forward thus far—and incorporated critical elements to reinforce the polish, sophistication, and structure they’ll need to accelerate forward as they grow. From elevated messaging constructs to sleek visual signals to a comprehensive interactive experience, the brand is equipped with all the fundamentals needed to meet prospective attendees on an entirely new level.

The website.

Consero had taken early steps to pivot its event mix toward virtual events—but global circumstances meant they needed to accelerate efforts as they synchronized the nuanced needs of a multidimensional in-person experience with the same degree of finesse in the digital realm. So we conceived an interactive design experience built upon highly sophisticated design patterns and a truly experiential feel. A multi-level taxonomy and targeted verticals allow users to sort and find the right events for them; the integration of a multitude of high-value content assets adds richness and heft to the experience; and deep third-party integrations ensure seamless lead tracking and fostering over time. It’s an experience built upon the right information for the right audience—and above all, it reflects the brand’s ethos and experience in a highly engaging way.

“I was very impressed with their creativity and ability to understand our business as well as we do.”

Paul Mandell / CEO, Consero

The system.

A Consero experience is marked by an exceptional number of touchpoints—and each and every one of those moments provide an opportunity to deepen the connection, both between attendee or sponsor and Consero, and between those audiences themselves. So we cultivated a framework that feels at once highly ownable yet truly simple and flexible. From invitations to reminders to event summaries to followup confirmations, each and every element is coordinated and synchronized for a true white-glove experience.

The spark.

Consero challenged us to get to the heart of what makes the company so special—and we could feel that energy in each conversation we had with their team and past attendees who raved about their experiences. So we created The Spark. It’s the feeling created at every Consero experience. The magic that happens when brilliant minds discuss critical ideas. The transformational linchpin for attendees to grow in transformational ways long after each event concludes. Because when remarkable minds come together, anything is possible.

The future.

The conference space is sure to continue evolving and iterating for months and years to come. And now, Consero is an elegant springboard for what’s possible when industry’s most esteemed leaders come together. From high-touch branded gifts to elite video content to unexpected pops of personality, the experience will only continue to grow and expand as the organization champions the biggest challenges of tomorrow.

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