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We're Contrast & Co., an award-winning brand strategy, design, and digital agency driven to create the smartest, most strikingly different brand experiences on the planet. The brands we create transform organizations, rattle industries, and crush conformity.

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We help organizations of all sizes define and express themselves in ways that are unique, motivating, and powerful.

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Brand Strategy & Development

Before a brand is a brand, it is an idea and the set of beliefs that inspired it. During this first phase, we shape the foundational visual, positioning, and messaging signals necessary to tell your organization’s distinct story.

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Brand Activation

In its early stages, a brand is fragile, susceptible to interpretation and manipulation. During the brand activation stage, we apply the brand strategy to specific use cases to ensure it’s consistently perceived by your target audiences.

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Brand Integration

A brand is an exercise in purpose first, consistency second. During the brand integration stage, we accelerate the brand’s growth potential through ongoing creative partnership in order to ensure the original vision persists.

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Dharma Pachner
October 20, 2023

The unique challenges and opportunities of legal branding.

Why focus our efforts on law firm branding? That’s easy. Because it’s hard. The challenges—and opportunities—in legal sector branding are unlike any other.

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In the universe of creativity, complacency is a terrible place to live. We believe our smartest—most creative—work still lies ahead.

Liz Gabriel, Director of Strategy & Content

We exist to create brands that are noticed. Brands that are inspiring. In short, brands that are limitless.

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