Services Provided:
Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Brand Positioning & Messaging
Website Design
Poster Design
Ongoing Activation Strategy & Design Support

Always on the Move

New York City is a place that pulls you in. That sweeps you into its hustle and bustle before you even realize it's happening. But finding the right spot is no small feat. Opportunities come and go in seconds, and the right home can fall through in the blink of an eye. Enter Alignment, the only NYC real estate brokerage specifically designed to keep up with this magical city. We partnered with this ambitious emerging firm to develop a brand identity and website experience powerful enough to launch their aspirations for a brand-new kind of brokerage. The resulting experience hums with energy and warmth while at the same time feeling utterly sophisticated.

The Visual Identity

With a name like Alignment, we had a clear imperative to develop an experience that lived up to the moniker. So we crafted a signature mark that pays off the idea of coordination and partnership—and complemented the look with supporting brand signals that feel as seamless as the organization’s business model. So what’s at play here? Cinematic black and white photography for a classic NYC feel. Thoughtfully balanced typography for height and function. And a sleek tone-on-tone map pattern that signals the city without feeling overly complex or obvious. Collectively, it’s an experience that has meaningful gravitas on its own while also sitting thoughtfully alongside partners as the organization grows.

The Content

All too often, both landlords and renters struggle to find the right broker partner for their needs. A partner that lives for efficiency. A partner that banishes complexity. A partner that genuinely cares about the nuanced ins and outs of finding a home in NYC. This is the promise of Alignment. With two central audiences at the core of the experience, we needed a flexible content approach that could adapt to serve each in tandem. So we crafted a brand voice that evokes confidence, directness, and warmth. And above all, we established a messaging approach that builds the foundation, while leaving room for the personality of the brand to evolve as the organization does.

The Website

When it came to the interactive experience, we needed to be prudent with our approach and flexible with our architecture. So we developed a straightforward, utilitarian site to get the team off the ground, leveraging a scalable build with Webflow. Structurally, it’s a nimble, easily adaptable site that can evolve as the team does. And visually, the experience reinforces the signature brand look with all the core elements, plus simple navigation and clear calls-to-action to serve both target audiences with ease.