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Technology never tires.

Technology is always changing. Government challenges are always changing. People are always changing. And OTOT, a small but mighty emerging technology powerhouse, is ready to keep up. This dynamic, rapidly growing firm helps federal agencies and organizations optimize their technology to solve large-scale, complex business challenges—and they needed a brand experience as nimble as they are. That’s where we came in, delivering a wholly distinctive logo and series of corresponding symbols, as well as an ownable voice, core organizational philosophies, and a powerful visual identity.

The symbol.

The beauty of the OTOT brand experience is this: Just as technology is ever-changing, so too is the logo and corresponding symbols that extend from it. Leading with the primary swirl symbol within the core logo, this dynamic visual vocabulary morphs and expands, allowing each subsequent symbol plenty of room to shine as well. More than a minor accent or detail, they’re a bold representation of the continually changing and accelerating landscape where OTOT operates.

“Contrast & Co. had the ability to capture exactly what we wanted. We had a lot of ideas we couldn't execute, and their team handled everything for us by bringing our vision and narrative to life.”

Tian Xia / CEO, OTOT

The voice.

OTOT. As in “OH_TOT.” How it’s pronounced is less important than what the team does—and what they do is tech. They’re kind of obsessed with it actually. So we focused our energies here, and developed a distinct tone of voice, plus a series of core philosophies to arm the organization with the messages necessary to energize their team, invite new leads, and align alongside partners. This is a firm that knows what it wants—so the brand voice feels at once warm, direct, succinct, and fun.

The website.

OTOT tackles digital modernization, complex strategic initiatives, and all manner of other interactive challenges for clients. So we knew we had our work cut out for us when it came to developing a foundational site as intelligent and thoughtful as their work ethic. The resulting experience is simple yet functional, sophisticated yet inviting. And most critically, it centers the organization’s value proposition and differentiators as much as it does their team.

The personality.

This is a team of nerds who are proud to hold the title. You want them in your corner—and you can bet they’ll apply exceptional focus and rigor to every engagement they take on. So fun became a focal point to team swag and day-to-day materials—but dynamism and intellect were always close behind. OTOT values technology as a service to humans. And with this striking brand experience in their corner, there’s boundless opportunity on the horizon.

Winner, Web Excellence Awards

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