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My type of place.

Long Island City is a truly exceptional place that shines brighter with every new discovery you make here. But here’s the thing. There’s never been a place to live here that actually synthesizes, honors, and celebrates what makes LIC stand out. Until now. Meet The Bold and The Italic. Long Island City’s newest rental residences, these striking sister buildings are poised to punctuate the landscape of LIC unlike anything that’s come before. These two are much more than mere partner properties. They’re a duo in perfect balance. A gateway to all things LIC. A flagship with best-in-class amenities and features. And most importantly, a place that just feels right.

The combined experience.

Separately, The Bold and The Italic are an exercise in contrast. Together, they’re marked by thoughtfulness, balance, and attention to the critical details that turn a space into a home. So when it came to devising the brand experience for this duo, we needed to unify the two buildings while allowing their personalities and priorities to shine. In short, we needed a comprehensive set of nuanced and multidimensional guidelines. So we started with color, creating light and dark palettes to differentiate each entity. From there, we devised a distinct monogram, logo, and typographic treatment to set each apart. And of course, we needed signals to unite the two. So we leveraged shared fonts and coordinated supporting colors to bring everything together.

“I love it.”

Randi Fetner Sherman | Executive Vice President, Fetner

The Bold.

With a polished facade, plenty of personality, and unparalleled amenities, The Bold is the type of place you’ll want to call home. So we tailored this building’s particular experience to feel as striking and confident as its name. The dark palette reinforces an audacious personality, and the supporting pop of melon adds balance and style. From there, we folded in an ownable brand monogram, which extends from the logotype to give range to the visual identity. Last but not least, we added a distinct typographic pattern to the mix to add texture and depth.

The Italic.

With a soaring facade, expansive views, and hand-picked finishes, The Italic is an ideal counterpart to The Bold. This half of the duo works within a lighter palette, with a supporting mint hue that elevates the experience’s flexibility. Plus, The Italic gets its own official monogram and pattern, creating effective balance and differentiation between both residences.

The advertising.

Each of these residences has its own distinct personality—but we knew the way they coexisted would be exceptionally important when it comes to messaging and advertising applications. The tone of voice is uniformly daring yet approachable. And the possibilities for expansion and iteration on the core brand idea are endless. From the building’s designs to the unparalleled features and amenities, these buildings are designed to fit straight into the fabric of the community. To balance the skyline and anchor the neighborhood. So ultimately, the advertising strategy needs to exemplify a place that just feels right.