Services Provided:
Brand Refresh
Information Architecture
Website Design

Creating New Possibilities.

From national security and foreign affairs to climate change, Alpha Omega is focused on solving the Federal Government’s most paramount challenges. Over the last seven years the organization has grown their expertise in some of the nation’s most critical IT services: cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and digital modernization; providing tailored solutions to exceed customers needs. To evolve with these fast-growing technologies, the Alpha Omega brand and website experience needed a reimagination. One that centered around the cornerstone of bleeding-edge tech, possibility. And their ability to capture it. From beginning to end.

Realizing an Identity: From Start to Finish

Alpha Omega was created with a purpose: to do their part to ensure our nation’s continued global leadership. While the classic Greek symbols representing alpha and omega come with their own weight and international recognition, we chose to modernize the brand as a representation of the extensive expertise the team offers its agency customers. Through the introduction of geometric forms, their compositions and simple animations we were able to give a subtle nod to the concept of alpha omega. The beginning. The end. And everything in-between. Sophisticated yet approachable. Simple yet elegant. Powered by a streamlined logo mark and contemporary sans-serif font styles, the final touch was an elegante mono-tone color palette. This new look communicates their highly technical expertise, breadth of experience and simplified yet sophisticated approach to everything they do.

“We chose green as our primary Alpha Omega color because the world collectively needs to combat climate change or face extinction in the next few generations.”

Guatam Ijoor, President and CEO.

Telling the Story: Inception to Conclusion

By focusing on their three tentpole capabilities, Alpha Omega offers business optimization to a range of agency clientele. They bolster mission support, ranging from small-scale automation to incorporating innovative solutions at the enterprise level. The goal of this new website experience was to highlight these capabilities by showcasing expertise through case studies, success through testimonials and knowledge through resources that seamlessly integrate with their established expertise, telling a holistic story of the lifecycle of their success.

The Website Experience: Beginning to End

In order to stand out in the world of public sector technical solutions, the website needed to be sleek, contemporary, immersive, and infused with micro-interactions and delightful experiences. We started with a formal, structured layout. And then broke it. We looked for ways to present asymmetrical, unpredictable experiences to represent the adaptability and fluidity required to function in this space. Typography played a major role, performing a lot of the heavy lifting to allow the brand’s geometric forms to sign. By utilizing team photography, and the impressive biographies of leadership, we were able to inject a human element around such a heavy technical subject matter. This responsive, component-based build was a complete team effort to bring to life and resulted in a bespoke, custom solution to lead the brand far into the future. We’re considering it the end-all be-all if you will.