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The Hall Is Home

Maryland Hall is the region’s cultural core, convening and engaging all people—no matter age or background—in arts experiences that strengthen community. And this visionary Annapolis-based arts institution is proud to include four uniquely exceptional resident companies within its family. In the past, each of these companies operated largely independently of one another. But that’s changing out of a renewed sense of shared purpose and a drive to shape where they’re all going next, together. So we crafted a messaging strategy and campaign to reinforce this conviction, built upon one core principle: Maryland Hall isn’t merely a venue. It’s a home. A home for creativity and community. A home for breathtaking performances. A home for us all.

The Messaging / Personality

This is a story about what happens when these individual companies unite as a whole, a team, a family. Together, they celebrate excellence, tradition, evolution, and unique perspectives. And together, they commit to connect, empower, inspire, and heal through arts education, visual arts, performing arts, and entertainment. So we built a messaging framework and campaign strategy for the home team. From consistent headline constructs to a strategic campaign messaging outline to shared pillars, dubbed “House Rules,” we tackled every detail necessary to create a multidimensional campaign for the home team.

“The final recommendations floored everyone! The direction felt authentic and really captured the look and feel we were looking for.”

Jackie Coleman | Executive Director, Maryland Hall

The Visual Identity

We knew the foundational visual identity would lead us visually—but we wanted to infuse some extra color to distinguish the campaign. So we started with the fundamentals: the iconic archways central to Maryland Hall’s physical facade and embedded directly within the logo. From there, we adapted their use to reflect the wide-ranging breadth and versatility of the resident companies’ programming. There are countless doors to open and performances to unveil at Maryland Halll. By leaning into this essential visual element, we brought fresh life to the experience and its future versatility, all without straying too far from its roots.

The Swag

Now, for the fun stuff. Our task: to unite the leadership teams, volunteers, and countless other stakeholders who look to Maryland Hall’s campus as a resource for inspiring arts experiences. So we enriched the campaign with thoughtful and dimensional swag elements that translate the campaign concept from the conceptual to the tangible. Totes for art supplies. Coffee mugs for creative fuel. Bumper stickers for a shared rallying cry. Each individual piece creates a momentary story—and taken together, they connect a community. And we’re just getting started. Since introducing the campaign, we’ve heard from all parties that the unity created through this shared dialogue and purpose has been truly powerful—and we look forward to supporting these organizations as they accelerate forward as family.