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The Arts Are Ours

Strathmore is a multidimensional creative institution and an anchor in the community, reaching well beyond a single stage or campus. The organization features a prismatic array of diverse ways for everyone to connect with the arts, providing a platform and resources for artists and arts organizations to realize their full potential and inspire us all. So where does Contrast & Co. come in? We partnered with Strathmore to develop a rallying cry and campaign strategy, anchored around a single unifying idea: The Arts Are Ours. Strathmore is committed to being the bridge to a more conscious, connected, arts-infused world—a world where we all belong. So we crafted a messaging strategy and campaign to reinforce this conviction, built upon the premise that the arts are for all of us. They’re ours to enjoy. Ours to share. Ours to cherish. Welcome to Strathmore. The arts are ours.

The Messaging

Developing an anchoring message is step one. But it’s far from the whole story. So we expanded upon the experience with a comprehensive set of supporting messages and touchpoints to reinforce the immersive nature of the concept. And we brought it all to life through strategic resources and documentation designed to serve not only the marketing or communications teams, but the entire organization and its array of distinct audiences. But we didn’t stop there—because the mark of a strong rallying cry is range. So we designed a framework that’s highly flexible and expansive. Through this foundational framework, the organization’s campaign strategy is newly crystallized and more actionable than ever before.

“They are brilliant creatives—and exceptionally gifted at listening. Their work is always moving and it not only helps us tell our story, it helps us rally together behind a clear, inspiring purpose.”

VP Communications & Marketing, Strathmore Hall Foundation

The Visual Identity

The strength of an effective campaign relies on more than a compelling idea and a memorable message. To truly elevate the campaign, we sought to incorporate distinct visual facets—design details that drew from the parent brand while also maximizing how the campaign message was experienced. To achieve this idea, we leaned into a core component of the Strathmore logo—the bar of the capital H—that at once evokes the curvature of Strathmore’s roof while also speaking to the conceptual idea of connecting people and a plethora of creative pursuits. We call it The Bridge, and it’s the perfect detail to take our design treatments to the next level. With this simple yet savvy element, we could then effortlessly incorporate its form into everything from kicker styles to photography compositions and beyond.

The Swag

Last but not least, the fun stuff. We knew we needed to unite leadership teams, donors, volunteers, and countless other stakeholders who look to Strathmore’s campus as an anchor for inspiring and inclusive arts experiences. So we enriched the campaign with thoughtful and dimensional swag elements. Umbrellas serve as a walking billboard. Travel water bottles as creative hydration. And notebooks as a shared rallying cry. Each individual piece creates a momentary story—and taken together, they connect a community.