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What if?

The diverse needs of patients today stretch well beyond a single physician, practice, plan, or place. And if this array of providers and stakeholders aren’t communicating, everyone loses—most critically, the patient. But what if healthcare could connect like never before? This is what drives Audacious Inquiry, a technology company aligning better care by synchronizing encounter notifications spanning more than 70 million patients. Audacious Inquiry approached us to invigorate the brand experience and infuse resonance into the voice. So we built the brand experience and every core supporting signal around the organization’s drive to ask tough questions: What if healthcare could align more holistically? What if this platform empowered a more elegant, efficient, and effective healthcare experience across the board? It’s time to ask bigger questions. It’s time to be Audacious.

An audacious visual identity.

When considering the exceptionally complex landscape of healthcare, it’s critical to think not in terms of individual data points—but to look for the full picture. The Audacious Inquiry facets are a dynamic visual representation of this idea. Boundlessly flexible and adaptive to various applications, this simple visual system adds richness and definition to the brand experience. When it comes to the logo, curiosity and drive are at the forefront of the look, with an embedded question mark replacing the Q. And of course, practical details are just as critical, so the brand adapts and evolves with sleek typography, evocative imagery, and functional iconography and metrics visualizations to bring everything together.

A bold voice.

Audacious Inquiry is building the single most impactful platform for aligning delivery across care settings. So the brand’s messaging centers around outcomes by focusing on essential questions to be asked and critical aspirations to be targeted. It’s a construct designed to coordinate elegantly alongside the visual elements—and a boundlessly adaptive one, too. But this approach goes beyond mere provocation or flair. Instead, the voice is laser-focused on appealing to the collective humanity of Audacious Inquiry’s audiences. The physicians, patients, and administrators who so desperately crave continuity and synthesis from their healthcare encounters. These individuals are the centerpiece of the brand voice—and the motivation that keeps the organization asking difficult questions and pursuing transformative answers.

An intrepid interactive experience.

Applying brand elements can feel seamless in a vacuum—but the real complexity arises in the interactive implementation stage. In partnership with the organization’s internal marketing team and external digital marketing partner, we developed a highly solutions- and outcomes-based site experience for Our efforts included migration and refinement of more than 300 existing URLs, not to mention the development of an enhanced interactive experience and robust, component-driven CMS for maximum flexibility. Audacious is a brand built around challenging the way things have always been done—and the interactive experience carries that brand promise forward by balancing fundamental efficiencies with a truly engaging experience.

An enterprising system and resources.

Audacious enables better care delivery for more than 70 million Americans—so they need flexible yet concrete resources to serve day-to-day sales and marketing teams bringing the brand vision to life each day. Where to start? Platform conceptualizations became essential, as did multidimensional infographics to communicate everything from technological performance to healthcare infrastructure to implementation processes. So we tapped into the foundational visual elements, adapting them for everything from presentation slides to abstractions of the technology to email design systems and beyond.