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Master your machine.

Let’s face it: The complexities and costs associated with autoimmune disorders are draining across the board, and efforts at resolving them often prove fruitless for the patient. Not anymore. Mymee is a pioneering digital care program that empowers those who suffer from autoimmune disorders to reclaim their health. This sophisticated platform allows users to monitor and learn about not just symptoms, but triggers and causes. It’s a profoundly different way to think about your body and its behaviors. And most importantly, it puts power back in patients hands. The brand vision that underpins it all: Master your machine.

Making it personal.

From Crohn’s to Lupus to Hashimoto’s, autoimmune disorders comprise a staggeringly wide range of conditions, triggers, and symptoms. Yet despite this vast and varied landscape, those with autoimmune disorders have so often faced a healthcare system that offers generalized solutions or blanket cures that miss the mark. Not so with Mymee. Theirs is a platform designed for the individual. So we created a unique portraiture style specifically designed to stand out in the hugely saturated healthcare design space. Subjects are set against sleek solid backgrounds, and dramatic lighting further highlights the unique emotions felt by each person. It’s bold. It’s surprising. And it’s flexible enough to scale across all corners of the brand.

“I’ve worked with a lot of branding agencies over the past 20 years, and [Contrast & Co. is] one of the only companies that has been able to interpret our business from the get-go during the discovery process.”

Marie Crump / COO, Mymee

A unique identity.

The healthcare branding space has long been dominated by platitudes and monotony—which is exactly why we built Mymee to stand out. To make it happen, we complemented the signature portraiture style with a powerful black and white aesthetic. Then, we added texture with a pattern that extends from the signature brand M. The pattern reflects the powerful idea that our bodies broadcast a continual stream of signals that tell us what we’re experiencing and how we’re feeling—and Mymee helps the user discern and take action on those signals. The finishing touch? Reinforcing the entire look with an approachable typography system that captures the humanity of the brand voice. The overall effect is striking, flexible, and above all, intensely personal.

A true lifestyle brand.

Much like the conditions it’s designed to help manage, the look of the Mymee brand is poised to support all manner of individualized tools, tactics, and takeaways. It’s an experience that projects personal power at every turn—and it’s infused with fun along the way. And with a name like Mymee, we saw countless opportunities to extend the brand beyond the technology and out into the lives of its users. From bold extensions like wellness supplements to practical applications like yoga mats, the possibilities are limitless.

An empowering message.

When you think of healthcare branding, a tiger probably isn’t the first image that comes to mind—or even the second or third. But as we were considering the single most important element of the Mymee brand, one theme rose to the top time and again: empowerment. Mymee frees its users to find their individual strength, power, and spirit. To unravel their symptoms and triggers. To finally find answers in a lifelong tangle of questions. What better symbol than a tiger to express this personal strength. For every individual who suffers from autoimmune disorders, there’s a new rallying cry: Find your fierce.