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Annual Report Concept
Annual Report Design
Ongoing Activation Strategy & Design Support


The RAA is the national advocacy and support organization for US regional air carriers, and every day millions of travelers rely on RAA members to transport them safely. But the association is not without challenges. Regional air service has declined considerably in recent years, and to address this need, the RAA needed a new message and annual report design experience. We designed the 2018 Annual Report for the association to energize and engage their members, and highlight the undeniable impact that the regional-airline industry plays in keeping travelers safe and people connected.

Defining an idea with a single word.

To effectively communicate all that the RAA does to advance the regional-airline industry, we distilled their mindset down to a definitive idea: Onward. This single word sets the tone for the brand and establishes a clear direction for their messaging moving forward. “Onward” reflects a fierce determination, and communicates that even through pilot shortages, industry contractions and other looming challenges, the RAA is continuing to chart a course forward.

Capturing the beauty of flight.

For most, flying has become an experience defined by long lines, spiraling costs and frequent delays. That’s unfortunate. Despite the lingering inconveniences of travel, soaring through the clouds remains a magical experience, and we wanted to capture the wonder of it all. From the gently curving shape of an aircraft’s fuselage to the pinpoint precision and symmetry of the blades on a propeller, we chose unique photos and used interesting crops and angles to portray the true beauty of flight and establish a new visual foundation for the RAA, their association and their brand.

Make it bold.

The RAA has a rich and complex story to tell, and poignant photography wasn’t going to be enough. The annual report design needed to convey a staggering array of information, from messages and maps to trends and statistics. But we were determined to keep it approachable, and used a host of design techniques in order to do so. We transformed complex ideas into intuitive infographics, and used dramatic fluctuations in scale and typography to add visual texture and energy. A disciplined color palette and ample white space helped keep it all focused, and together created a sophisticated look that balanced depth and substance with style and personality.

A shape for the future.

The RAA is dedicated to raising the visibility and preserving the value of regional airlines. The new design framework we created for the association establishes a look and feel for their brand that focuses on this mission. The new visual brand and the annual report design are only the beginning. The forward-facing triangle we chose for the cover is a powerful symbol for what comes next. We’ll work with them to translate the elements of this look and feel into a new website and other branded materials. Onward, indeed.