Services Provided:
Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Website Design
Templates & Design Systems
Product Strategy

Elevate your impact.

In our ever-evolving world, disruption comes from every angle, and questions from every corner. The largest organizations of today are drowning in this data. This is info that’s truly powerful—but only when it’s effectively parsed, grouped, and understood. Enter Evalueserve. Evalueserve is the leading global firm for accelerating decision-making on the most pressing questions enterprise clients face. This sweeping international insights organization has two decades of experience, a robust team with deep domain expertise, a suite of cloud-based digital solutions, and an impressive roster of partners across financial services, corporate brands, and professional services firms. So what’s next? A refreshed brand experience and messaging that center outcomes above all. This is impact, elevated.

Optimize your visuals.

Evalueserve has been serving clients for more than 20 years, driven by a deep dedication to research and the insights it can unlock. So when they tasked us with reimagining the organization’s visual identity, the goal wasn’t to override the legacy they had so meticulously built—but to optimize, simplify, and accelerate the brand potential for the future. Our first focus: a flexible visual system anchored in the signature AI Seal shape and its associated applications. From there, we streamlined the logo and narrowed the color palette to its richest hues. Photography took on a greater presence, anchoring the organization’s focus not merely on data as a tool, but on data as an outcome. The result is confident and striking, positioning the organization for success over the next 20 years to come.

“Contrast & Co. used simple, distinct designs by mixing color, photography, and font styles that we loved. They also spent a lot of time getting a strategic understanding from both internal stakeholders and our clients which lead to good copywriting and overall representation of our vision.”

Erin Pearson / VP of Marketing, Evalueserve

Amplify your exposure.

There’s perhaps no channel more critical to how an organization communicates its core offerings and key differentiators than the website. So we armed the team with a signature site that reinforces their distinct point of view, details their expertise, and effectively reveals the function of their solutions. We began with a targeted information architecture designed in partnership with the Evalueserve team. Next, we conducted extensive menu explorations to ensure a fluid user experience. And ultimately, UI was completed in record time as we marched toward an accelerated launch timeline. For the future, a component-based approach maximizes flexibility and scalability over time.

Maximize your resources.

A striking visual identity and distinct brand positioning are important—but even more critical are the systems, tools, and resources to ensure seamless implementation over time. From clearcut, easily usable slide templates to utility-driven systems for iconography to extensive guidelines for outlets like photography and video, we equipped this global solutions partner with the essentials to catch eyes, lead conversations, and clinch connections, whether in board rooms, virtual sales pitches, or beyond.

Accelerate your potential.

Evalueserve’s localized centers of excellence aren’t operational silos. Rather, they’re thoughtfully curated cogs of one collective whole, all exceptionally dedicated to driving world-moving outcomes. And what better way to equip those regional outposts with a shared purpose and outlook than through feature swag and activation elements? The right items should stretch across language and creed, location and role—and that’s precisely what we had in mind as we developed the visual identity poised to adapt across applications large and small.