Services Provided:
Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Brochure Design
Presentation Design
Video Development
Templates & Design Systems
Ongoing Activation Strategy & Design Support

A framework for the future.

With offices across the globe and more than 1,400 dedicated employees, Spirent is a true frontrunner in automated test and assurance solutions. This vast telecommunications brand serves clients across sectors ranging from transportation to defense to healthcare, and well beyond. In short, they’ve been thinking—and delivering—on a global scale for decades. So what comes next? When we first joined forces, we had clear directives in mind: Support their evolution into a wholly digital-first enterprise, and reimagine their brand identity to allow for systems and frameworks that accelerate their momentum into the future. Oh, and tackle this challenge at a highly expedited pace. It was time to get to work.

A visual vocabulary.

When we set out to support Spirent, we had a core brand foundation to work with—but the true opportunity lay with the work of presenting it a way that could truly propel the organization forward for the future. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that reshaping is often more complex than altogether reinventing. So we sought to imbue sophistication and modernity into every facet of the evolved experience. From the cool-toned palette to the approachable typography, and from the sleek logomark to its corresponding monogram, every element mattered. The result? A visual vocabulary that is at once elegant, recognizable, trustworthy, and highly motivating.

A system for acceleration.

Creating truly international branding strategies shouldn’t mean colossal complexity. In fact, we were determined to ensure the opposite. So over the course of our partnership, we have developed an immense suite of supporting visual resources—from a powerful photography library to an iconography vocabulary as robust as Spirent’s product experience. And we worked well beyond graphic elements, too, touching whitepapers, case studies, reports, presentations, and beyond. Armed with an ironclad system of recurring styles and frameworks, not to mention variations and alternates to add range at every turn, Spirent’s speed and efficiency are optimized across the board.

A method for metrics.

Perhaps the most tempting trap we’ve witnessed among technology brands: the potential for overdoing things when it comes to complex visualizations. For us, tables and metrics shouldn’t elicit glazed-over expressions; they should tell a story. So we streamlined the way Spirent tells its stories with cleancut systems for even the most layered graphics. By using the brand palette to our advantage, implementing clear grids, and making clever usage of imagery, we achieve uniform, visually striking solutions.

A progressive partnership.

Next, we’re setting our sights on every framework, template, and design system ahead, empowering the Spirent team with the resources to take on the months and years to come. From ebooks to video concepts, and from global report systems to advertising ones, our opportunities are many. And ultimately, we’re just getting started. Because even more essential than a foundational kit of parts is the power they have to propel an organization forward. It’s Spirent’s mission to assure the performance promises made by its more than 1,500 customers worldwide. And it’s our opportunity to ensure the brand experience is as aspirational—and actionable—as their mission.