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This is Bixal.

Bixal was born out of a fervent determination to use technology to improve the lives of people everywhere. This Virginia-based firm has spent years focusing their efforts in the Federal Government space, generating respect for their capabilities with complexity and their proficiency in technological problem-solving. But they approached us to reimagine their federal agency branding experience because they’re so much more than that. Bixal is more than an agency. It’s a methodology. A culmination of life experiences and a reflection of the brand’s intense desire to leave the world a better place. We felt this devotion and energy in an extraordinarily palpable way from the moment we set foot in their offices. So we set out to create an experience as impassioned, authentic, and kaleidoscopic as this feeling.

Bixal is bold.

B is for Bixal. The firm’s original brand identity implemented a focus on the “x” character within the logomark—but we saw vast opportunity in showcasing the “B” character instead. So we created a signature brand element that elicits the firm’s people-first approach in every way. The shape is designed to be infinitely adaptable as a shape, layer, or mask, and it adds depth and visual interest everywhere it’s used. It’s functional, it’s friendly, and it’s boundlessly flexible.

“[The team's] ability to listen, dig deep, and then come up with absolutely brilliant recommendations is second to none.”

Carla Briceño / CEO & Cofounder, Bixal

Bixal is principled.

Before a brand is a brand, it is an idea and the set of beliefs that inspired it. Over the course of our engagement, we fashioned Bixal’s core philosophies into eight essential themes. These beliefs collectively instill not only a feeling for what makes the organization tick, but also a rich understanding of the value it provides to clients and partners alike. They institutionalize and protect how Bixal operates, how they serve, and how they move forward—and the card-style design system they follow translates seamlessly across everything from recruitment materials to digital applications.

Bixal is prismatic.

As we came to understand Bixal, we identified a wonderfully diverse culture and set of perspectives—and we knew this brand needed a palette that could measure up. The new brand is colorful. It’s momentous. It’s human. And it’s a powerful embodiment of the unique energy Bixal brings. Of course, no player in the Federal government space can be truly successful without an astute dedication to accessibility. So even as the palette is beautiful, it’s also highly functional, with attention to detailed accessibility and standards provisions, and a set of usage guidelines to ensure each eye-catching color pairing actually works.

Bixal is spirited.

Truly exceptional brands invite trust and a richer connection at every touchpoint, large and small. This is where Bixal shines. When the brand’s signature B form is paired with the vibrance of its signature color pairings, the prospects are endless. The tiling treatment and overall playfulness of copy and style elicit a sense of excitement—and that’s precisely the feeling the brand’s leadership team is happy to embody.