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The new way.

Let’s face it, no one loves e-discovery. And that’s precisely why this law-firm powerhouse built an​ entire practice around it. Introducing a holistic new approach to e-discovery that makes the process faster and more effective than ever before. In a competitive landscape dominated by predictable clichés, we introduced the pattern as a way to tell their story, and created a highly unique e-discovery brand experience unlike anything else on the market. Welcome to The New Way.

The Challenge.

E-discovery is not a simple, singular action. It’s a cumbersome and costly process that is difficult to manage and is hugely disruptive to organizations. And with hundreds of established vendors and competitors, we needed to create an e-discovery brand experience that stood out in a saturated marketplace. An experience that aligned with the brand, but was robust enough to effectively scale and meet their unique messaging requirements. To put it simply, our work was cut out for us.

Telling Our E-Discovery Story.

Today, tired metaphors monopolize the world of technology branding. We wanted to create something different. The e-discovery process is not effectively expressed through photography, so we knew we couldn’t rely on doctored stock images to tell their story. We needed a new type of construct, and discovered the perfect symbol in the pattern. The pattern was inspired by the interpretation of e-discovery as a puzzle—it has infinite combinations and can be reconfigured to convey vastly different messages. It’s as much visual as it is informative, and it helps capture their brand narrative in a unique and intuitive way.

Communicating Simplicity And Ease.

The e-discovery marketing landscape is overwhelming. We wanted to make it easy. We wanted to educate and engage audiences on the challenges of the process and the unique approach used to solve them, but we wanted to do so in a way that was clear and comprehensible. We distilled brand messaging into four core themes, each designed to reflect a key component of their approach. We used the design techniques of proportion and scale to help ensure that a definitive hierarchy of information was established.

Making It Positive.

Who says e-discovery branding can’t be lovable? The challenges may be technical and complex, but that doesn’t mean the experience has to be cold. We used bright colors to capture warmth and create energy, and introduced an honest and approachable voice to add character and personality. The combination of interesting patterns and bold messages established an optimistic visual framework, and the heart just brought it all together.