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Education's answer.

In the most formal terms, United Educators (UE) is an education-specific liability insurance and risk management company. But in the simplest sense, this organization is education’s answer to the challenges of today. And as the world of education sees transformation across the board, only uncertainty is certain. But UE sees it as their mission—and privilege—to help their members and brokers navigate this sea of change and challenges. With these considerations in mind, and the resounding request to reinvigorate and entirely differentiate the UE experience, we got to work developing a brand framework as adaptable and sophisticated as the organization’s offerings. We modernized the original logomark, introduced a unique monogram, and further reinforced the experience with a curated photography strategy tailored to UE’s various audiences. The result? A dimensional experience that empowers UE to effortlessly implement the brand while staying focused on what matters: the plans, policies, and priorities of the institutions they serve.

Let's elevate the experience.

What’s the first step to developing a reimagined identity for one of the most dedicated insurance experts in education? Streamlining the logo to be fresher, cleaner, and bolder than ever. Next, we evolved the logotype into a signature monogram that creates boundless flexibility across platforms and design applications. Last, we added a final extension of the original monogram, which we like to call the bookmark. It flexes from signature element to scaled-down kicker, all the while directly nodding to the audiences UE serves. Individually, each element adds texture to the experience—but taken collectively, they tell a complete story.

Let's digitize the direction.

United Educators is a unique organization with a specific purpose and incredible depth of experience. But the educational space is facing digital disruption across several fronts—from how students learn to how educators teach to how administrators collaborate. So UE needed to evolve to engage the next generation of decision-makers—and that’s where we came in. From robust digital content frameworks to imagery-forward digital ads to email systems built to adapt, the brand foundation seamlessly segues to the digital-first world. And as new platforms and communication channels debut, the organization is armed with a design system that’s ready for the future.

Let's reach our audiences.

United Educators has been delivering exceptional value to its members for more than three decades. But beyond its accolades or pedigree is something far more critical—a wholehearted commitment to delivering the best possible solutions with attention to speed, polish, and partnership. So we cultivated a pair of thoughtfully targeted sales brochures that highlight these attributes, with distinct messaging and imagery to individually address UE’S higher education and K-12 audiences. These foundational tools instill trust, motivate action, and, above all, remind recipients that UE is education’s answer to the matters its members face each and every day.

Let's look to the future.

If there’s one thing recent years have shown, it’s that evolution is essential. And as UE has adapted as an organization, it has progressed from a trusted resource to something even more powerful—a partner in transformation. As educators continue to cultivate progress and opportunity for students of all ages—even in the face of deep-rooted, wide-reaching complexities—UE channels that passion and spirit into how they deliver, too. So from high-visibility touchpoints like national activations, to day-to-day member interactions, no touchpoint is too trivial to infuse the brand’s position.