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Schedule. Engage. Get better.

For decades, healthcare scheduling has looked like this: Call centers sifting through piled-high binders, sticky notes, and faxes. Conflicting scheduling rules. Provider headaches and patients lost. Not to mention frustrations with call-in scheduling, difficulties with rescheduling, and anguish over a desperately needed specialist appointment. Meet Dash, the antidote to archaic healthcare scheduling and communications. The signature SaaS platform from Relatient, Dash combines best-in-class interactive tools to improve patient engagement throughout the continuum of care. We partnered with this award-winning healthcare technology company to embody the organization’s expertise, ethos, and focal platform in an entirely fresh way. The result is as modern, dynamic, and personal as their solutions.

The Dash.

From the very beginning, we knew the Dash brand identity would be built around connections. Connected experiences, connected healthcare, and connected visual elements. What better place to begin than with the logo? A striking embodiment of the bridge created by the Dash platform and its capabilities, the logo is simple yet highly flexible. The associated Dash shape is a continual reminder of the company’s value—and it can be scaled and tailored into a host of key applications of the brand vocabulary. The Dash is a connecting element—but it’s also a symbol for speed. So an energizing palette made for the ideal finishing touch to round out the experience.

The offerings.

Designed for ease and built for humans, Dash is the only platform out there that combines best-in-class patient self-scheduling and centralized scheduling with modern two-way patient communication tools. The experience is organized into three convenient lanes—Dash Schedule, Dash Intake, and Dash Engage—wherein Dash addresses some of the most critical needs for providers while providing an elegant and embedded experience for patients. So we developed a trio of supporting marks that form a practical backbone for strategic materials—from sales sheets to presentation slides to web components and beyond.

The advertising.

The beauty of the Dash shape lies in its flexibility. Whether used as a mask, rotated as a layering element, or duplicated and lined up as a directional stripe, this feature brand emblem is boundlessly useful. And there’s perhaps no visual application more suited to experimentation than advertising. So we adapted and explored the mark while building upon the core messaging constructs. A distinct voice and messaging style reinforce the offering, with succinct sentences and on-the-go phrasing. To top it all off, personalized language reinforces the deeply human nature of the challenge of healthcare scheduling.

The personality.

Practical materials are the starting point when it comes to brand elements—but it’s the playful applications that prove whether the overall look can truly shine. With Dash, this was a cinch. From day-to-day elements like phone cases or hats to more sweeping and lighthearted aspects like feature graphics and branded shoes, the brand stretches across elements large and small. And with Dash, there’s no end in sight, as the organization forges ahead in making healthcare scheduling, healthcare experiences, and overall outcomes… better.