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The future is well.

The idea of caring for loved ones when they fall ill is a concept as old as our collective memory. And as the centuries have advanced, we’ve learned how to thwart disease, duck death, and solve medical cases we previously thought unsolvable. But somewhere along the way, we became so focused on the world of sick-care, that we forgot what healthcare really means. Until now. Meet Health First, a wellness company with an ambitious new vision for wellness, and an integrated delivery network dedicated to delivering on that promise across the entire healthcare journey. This thousands-strong, Florida-based organization tasked our team with reimagining their brand experience to propel them forward in this rapidly transforming industry. So we led with an aspiration we can all believe in: The future is well.

The visual identity.

A fixture in Brevard County for decades, Health First needed a visual identity that reflected its roots, embodied its community, and prepared it for what’s next. This needed to be an experience worthy of a passion brand, and it needed to be centered around the consumer. So we streamlined the logo, elevated the photography, personalized the typography, and, perhaps most importantly, introduced a signature monogram that’s a seamless blend of an “h” for Health First and a “b” for Brevard. It’s a subtle element—but it means everything when it comes to the community they serve. To finish it all off, we anchored the experience around the color purple, a welcoming hue that embodies warmth, excellence, and dynamism.

“Their work is impressive, honest, straightforward, and by far the best.”

Jen MacKendree / Director of Marketing, Health First

The resources.

Creating comprehensive branding systems shouldn’t mean colossal complexity. In fact, we were determined to ensure the opposite. So over the course of our multi-year partnership with Health First, we have developed an immense suite of supporting visual resources—from an immersive brand guidelines document and photography library, to robust iconography styles and video standards. And we worked well beyond graphic elements, touching brochures, presentations, email campaigns, social graphics, signage, and beyond. Armed with a system of recurring styles and frameworks—not to mention variations and alternates to add range at every turn—Health First’s speed and efficiency are optimized across the board.

The vision.

Before a brand is a brand, it is an idea and the set of beliefs that inspired it. For Health First, this outlook was paramount to the resulting experience we created together. So we began not with color or typography, but with vision. But we extended our thinking far beyond a single inspiring brand idea or mission statement—because an organization that employs more than 8,000 people needs a framework that’s meaningful enough to motivate the masses and memorable enough to remain front of mind every day. From a strategic messaging framework to organizational values to business pillars, soundbites, and talking points—no word went unconsidered in the resulting content hierarchy. Because a core brand idea creates a sense of urgency, but the real work comes with applying this motivating idea to countless touchpoints over time.

The future.

Next, we’re setting our sights on the day-to-day needs that maximize the new brand’s potential not merely at launch but for years to come. From campaign concepts to signature videos to training materials, immersive team workshops, and strategic consulting, we’ve covered lots of ground—and we’re just getting started. Because even more essential than a foundational kit of parts is the power they have to propel an organization forward. Health First is taking bold strides to create a future anchored around wellness, and it’s our opportunity to ensure the brand experience is as aspirational and actionable as their mission.

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