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Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Brand Positioning & Messaging
Website Design
Templates & Design Systems

Prevention Without Compromise.

​​Deep Instinct is an organization and technology platform uniquely positioned to shift the paradigm in cybersecurity. The landscape of this sector has long been focused more on the aftermath than advance notice. Not anymore. With Deep Instinct’s prevention-first approach, stopping ransomware and other malware is transformed through the world’s first and only purpose-built deep learning cybersecurity framework. Deep Instinct prevents unknown threats faster and with greater efficacy than any other security solution, ensuring malware never stands a chance. It’s a powerful way to reframe the approach—and it’s one reinforced by a brand experience that stands alone in the marketplace.

The Visual Identity.

The Deep Instinct team had established a strong brand presence and recognition in the marketplace—so our challenge was not to entirely reinvent, but to finesse and refine. We began with the signature brand element, the logo. The refreshed result is a modern mark that’s as smart and seamless as the organization’s product offering. Armed with the foundational logo, we expanded upon the experience, tailoring the brand direction around the interconnecting horizontal lines within the mark, and electrifying the look with an energizing cool-tone palette. To balance everything out, we capitalized on an approachable typeface and crisp, breathable visual compositions that make a lasting impression.

“We've always admired Contrast & Co.’s work in the technology space. We chose them because we thought they could add a unique touch to what we were trying to achieve.”

Sara Wachtel / Creative Brand Manager, Deep Instinct

The Website.

Perhaps one of the most valuable means to demonstrate the brand experience in all its dimension is its web presence. So we tailored the website to be a powerful reflection of the organization’s point of view, key messages, and overall value proposition in the marketplace. It’s an experience built upon a foundation of bold headers and scannable design elements, and it’s reinforced through clear calls-to-action and thoughtful page flows. Armed with an elegant system of recurring styles and frameworks, not to mention variations and alternates to add range at every turn, Deep Instinct’s interactive speed and efficiency are optimized as the organization continues to grow.

The Illustrations & Iconography.

It can be tempting to rely on imagery as the foundational building block for conveying key topics and ideas visually—but Deep Instinct sought to stand out in a sea of similarity. So we designed an illustrative style that communicates highly complex interactivity and functionality, but in an adaptable, pared-back way. We built upon the core horizontal lines of the logo mark, creating a construct that’s as well-suited to highlighting function as it is key accolades and metrics. The finished result? Visual interest and texture that’s highly scalable as the organization introduces new capabilities.