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Look deeper.

Phishing has evolved exponentially since the days of Nigerian royalty scams, and despite the best efforts, existing software and solutions are simply not equipped to deal with a challenge that’s grown increasingly targeted, sophisticated and lethal. Enter INKY. In a crowded space filled with cyber companies all claiming to protect email, INKY truly can. She is the first email protection software to detect phishing attacks using computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, to make her highly unique abilities approachable and understandable, we gave INKY a friendly, playful brand, focused around an all-seeing, all-knowing octopus.

Let’s talk about the octopus in the room.

Branding INKY with an octopus was a no-brainer. Or more precisely, it was a nine-brainer. One of the coolest things about these brilliant creatures with their nine brains is that their characteristics closely mirror those of the INKY email security platform. From their seamless adaptability and intelligence to their unparalleled vision and power, the octopus personifies the platform. It presents a strikingly different brand experience and reinforces INKY as the omniscient authority. One look at INKY and you will never forget her face.

A powerful backbone.

“INKY is the new solution in the war against phishing.” That’s the INKY brand promise distilled to 10 words. INKY sees things, and not in a metaphorical sense. Below the surface of a phishing email are hidden signs of fraud, and INKY pretty much catches them all. To express her purpose and unique value, we developed six core messaging themes. Each theme was matched with a logo permutation that helped deliver a memorable and consistent narrative and reinforced features and benefits. These themes help orient INKY brand messaging and offer talking points, soundbites and conversation starters for an immediate brand story.

Innovative branding with a not-so-simple Banner.

At the core of INKY lies the Banner — an insight and notification system designed to alert, protect and empower users. Despite its modest appearance, the Banner is anything but. It is the embodiment of INKY’s knowledge, and validates the company as a pioneer in the redefinition of artificial intelligence. Four million lines of code lie under the surface, but users never come in contact with any of them. They just reap the benefits of a seamless system that can spot impostors by a pixel and stop even the most elusive of threats.

A branding experience as unique as the platform itself.

INKY’s visually unique identity translates easily across different mediums and requirements, from business cards and brochures to trade show booths, sophisticated dashboard views and playful banner ads. Every part of her brand identity is designed to be used in multiple ways, and with her many recognizable elements, her brand is radically different from the sea of others in the crowded cyber security space. Effective brands must be memorable and likeable, and INKY is that and so much more. She’s driven, curious and mobile, and growing smarter by the subject line. INKY is re-inventing the future of email security, and now they have a powerful company brand to back it all up.