Services Provided:
Brand Strategy
Corporate Identity Design
Website Design
Templates & Design Systems
Brand Launch & Training
Ongoing Activation Strategy & Design Support

Members first.

For over 30 years, MedImpact has been driven to do things differently. In fact, their commitment to delivering an alternative to the norms often associated with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) runs so deep that they set out to completely reimagine what it means to operate in this space. Their vision is infused with an all-consuming commitment to service and transparency. And the mindset that brings it all together? Clients and consumers first. Always. We approached the MedImpact engagement alongside our frequent collaborator, the DC-based media relations firm J. Wilson Advisors. They set out to formalize MedImpact’s mission and messaging strategy—and we joined to translate their vision through design. The result? A wholly reimagined PBM branding and digital experience. But even beyond that, the result is our ongoing partnership. Together with J. Wilson, we’ve delivered—and continue to deliver—a vast suite of support materials, activation tools, and everything in between. And collectively, these assets amplify MedImpact’s reach and value across its more than 55 million consumers.

A philosophically driven brand.

MedImpact is an organization guided first and foremost by a series of principles. These resounding themes serve not only to unite their messaging and design executions—rather, they form the very foundation for how the organization makes decisions. How they serve members. How they evolve over time. And when those philosophies are formed so intuitively around themes like honesty, approachability, simplicity, knowledge, and transparency, the potential for them to resonate becomes effortless.

“The creative is brilliant, sophisticated, and on point. This is a very talented team. And they never lose sight of the client's business objectives.”

Michael Rubin / Principal, J. Wilson Advisors

A fresh new brand identity.

From the beginning, we sought to infuse openness and approachability into every touchpoint of the MedImpact brand. The photography is exceptionally breathable and airy. The color palette and recurring circle treatment add richness and energy. And the typography signals an intentionally conversational feel across every touchpoint. Perhaps most essential to the complete look? A brand monogram that extends effortlessly from the original logomark while simultaneously creating a completely renewed sense of vibrancy and humanity. Individually, each and every one of these elements adds a touch of levity to the experience—and collectively, they truly bring the brand to life.

A connected digital experience.

When we first begin to build brands, we are creating in the hypothetical. But the true test of their effectiveness comes when we launch them out into the world—and that starts with the website. At the onset of our engagement, MedImpact lived on two distinct sites that served its audiences individually. But we knew that in order to reinforce the organization’s unified mission, we needed to synthesize the previously bifurcated sites. So we blended the sites into one master experience and used a series of design cues and signals to visually guide visitors: purple for members and teal for clients. By clearly defining—and interweaving—the respective experiences, MedImpact doubles down on transparency. And one of the most powerful byproducts of this focus? Trust.

A streamlined system.

Next, we set our sights on every other resource, tool, and detail to serve the MedImpact team for many years to come. Executed assets ranged from client-facing decks and conference materials to email communications and a comprehensive series of custom digital platforms. And in reality, we’re just getting started. Because even more important than an extensive, continually evolving kit of parts is the intrinsic power they carry to propel the organization forward. We’ve always said a brand is an exercise in purpose first, and consistency second. And nowhere has this proven more true than with MedImpact.