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Cause An Effect

Harrisburg University is an institution with the audacity to do things differently. Established in 2001, the university is the product of the collective minds of giants of their generations’ science revolution, business-savvy leaders with an eye on ROI, and a diverse faculty hailing from nearly 30 countries. Since then, the university has grown to become a world-class STEM institution with global reach, an enrollment surpassing 6,000 graduate and undergraduate students, and one of the most diverse student bodies among private colleges. Now, they’re setting their eyes on the future, with a dedicated fundraising campaign intended to empower these students, this community, and the state of Pennsylvania at large. The rallying cry that underpins the campaign: Cause an effect.

An Educational Ecosystem

The signature exemplification of Harrisburg’s campaign: A feature prospectus that details the university experience, the differentiators, the momentum, and the investment opportunity. A tactical deliverable first and foremost, the prospectus needed to strike an emotional chord, be instantly understandable, motivate action, and, above all, remind recipients that highly focused, future-forward educational institutions help us all thrive. Sophisticated in its design yet powerfully simple in its appeal, the finished prospectus not only serves its purpose—it also serves as the foundational backbone of the reimagined brand experience that cascades outward into each and every extension of the comprehensive campaign. Simply put, this isn’t merely an institution. It’s an ecosystem.

“This is a different model of higher education. We open doors for those who’ve long found them closed. We’re changing peoples’ lives for the better through education.”

President, Harrisburg University

An Educational Engine

When we crafted the prospectus, we considered not merely the financial ask, but the underlying motivations, messages, and proof points that reinforce the vision and planned trajectory for the university. Then, we built a system with the potential to propel this distinguished organization’s perspectives well beyond the pages of the prospectus. With key messages to entice prospects, striking snapshots of the most cutting-edge programming on campus, and a clear foundation for showcasing the university’s aspirations for present and future growth, the experience becomes not merely dimensional, but highly strategic as well.

An Educational Effect

Ultimately, this fundraising campaign is merely the beginning. Because as Harrisburg University continues to grow and expand its offerings to serve the career paths of future generations, they’re envisioning an entirely reimagined higher education experience. This is a place that brings students together from across the state, the country, and the globe. That integrates hands-on experience straight into the classroom. That infuses virtual learning straight into its DNA, supplanting a traditional brick-and-mortar experience with a highly digital one. That empowers each student to co-create their experience with an open mind and exceptional resources at their disposal. In short, this is a university that’s daring to do things differently. Now, they’re armed with a rallying cry that sets the tone—and the pace.