Services Provided:
Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Website Design

A pharmacy of a different feather.

Let’s face it, having prescriptions filled can be a pill. At least, until you meet Birdi, your fast and friendly digital drug store. This team of healthcare experts knew the pharmacy experience could be better. So they did away with long lines, lowered drug prices, and made Rx transfers easy. Ease became our rallying cry as we set out to name the brand, visually communicate its experience and offerings, and perhaps most importantly, infuse a sense of friendliness, simplicity, and elegance into the whole experience.

Free as a bird.

There’s perhaps no symbol more appropriate to embody a convenient, mobile, at-your-doorstep pharmacy than a bird. So with an anchoring concept front of mind, we tailored photography, messaging, and visual accents around an avian theme—with careful attention to balancing the line between intentional and poised, rather than extraneous. The signature brand logo and accompanying monogram add depth and friendliness to the overall look, synchronizing a nod to the brand’s core medical offering with a highly flexible and intuitive core visual shape.

Graceful as a swan.

For Birdi, we partnered with our trusted friends at J.Wilson Advisors to develop a set of signature positioning messages and operating pillars. Based on their team’s language, we stretched the visual identity to incorporate a set of signature icons, feature photography, and various accenting details. With low drug prices, free and flexible delivery options, and expert help when you need it—Birdi makes a formerly frustrating experience a breeze. Now, the visual experience matches the operational one.

The early bird catches the lead.

With the brand in place, we shifted gears to a distinctive business-to-consumer site that prioritizes signup and login user flows as highly as it does a sleek consumer experience and thoughtful language. What’s more, we tailored pages and workflows to optimize for prescribers, too. This entailed intricate, highly detailed user flow explorations, targeted UX/UI sprints, and a component-based handoff to empower the Birdi development team with the tools necessary to adapt the site across desktop and mobile for years to come.

Birds of a feather.

Now for the fun part. This on-the-go brand merited a thoughtful yet engaging series of merchandising and operationalizing elements, from delivery vehicle graphics and packaging, to playful applications like pill organizers and hypothetical uniform components. From high-visibility touchpoints like transportation components, to potential future applications of the welcoming bird concept, no touchpoint is too trivial to infuse the brand’s position. A pharmacy of a different feather, indeed.