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When she ascends.

Throughout history, women in leadership have faced unique barriers far more nuanced than those of their male counterparts. And perhaps nowhere is that disparity more reflected than in politics. Enter The Ascend Fund. A collaborative fund powered by Panorama Global, The Ascend Fund pools philanthropic capital and makes mission-driven investments in nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations that break down the barriers preventing women from running for office… and winning. But what’s even more powerful than the capabilities women bring to politics when elected—more bills introduced, more policies enacted, more bipartisan coalition— is the very reason they run. Statistics show more women enter politics because they identify a problem in their community and want to find a solution. And The Ascend Fund seeks to help them succeed. So this is where we focused. Starting with a prospectus for prospective investors and stretching from email marketing to core business materials and beyond, we built a visual foundation to serve The Ascend Fund not only through the present election cycle, but beyond it to the moment of parity.

Formalizing the opportunity.

Ultimately, there’s one basic truth to successfully managing a collaborative fund: Buy-in matters, fiscally and figuratively. So we began our effort with the prospectus for potential investors. A tactical deliverable first and foremost, the prospectus needed to strike an emotional chord, be instantly understandable, motivate action, and, above all, remind recipients that a representative democracy helps us all thrive. Sophisticated in its design yet powerfully simple in its appeal, the finished prospectus not only served its purpose—it also served as the foundational backbone of the reimagined brand experience that would come next.

Activating a system.

When we crafted the prospectus, we considered not merely the financial ask, but the underlying motivations, messages, and proof points that reinforce the vision. Then, we built a system with the potential to propel this distinguished organization’s perspectives well beyond the pages of the prospectus. With key messages to entice investors, striking breakdowns of the most critical barriers women face, and a clear foundation for showcasing the Fund’s aspirations for present and future partner organizations, the experience becomes not merely dimensional, but highly strategic as well.

Accelerating the potential.

Next, we focused our attention on every other supporting resource, asset, and detail to empower The Ascend Fund in the path toward parity. From a series of highly flexible email designs, to event and pitch materials to empower collaboration, no detail was too small to warrant a fresh set of eyes and a pop of the brand’s signature teal hue. The most consistent theme throughout each and every touchpoint: ease. Because this lean, highly motivated organization has big aspirations and goals—and we knew the design system that supported their efforts must deliver on function as well as form.

A rally cry for the future.

Ultimately, 2020 is merely the beginning. Because as The Ascend Fund marches through election cycles alongside partners, candidates, and investors alike, they imagine movement with increasing momentum. Whereas women would reach parity in 2072 should progress continue at the same rate as the past 20 years, The Ascend Fund is committed to realizing a representative democracy by 2050. And if they’re to achieve this powerful aspiration, they must compel and inspire across the board. Now, they’re armed with a vision that sets the tone—and the pace. Because when she ascends, we all rise.