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Go ahead.

Community is central to humankind. We need friendship. We need camaraderie. For Tucker Thompson, that community is the boating community. So this small but mighty team approached Contrast & Co. to imagine a brand experience for Range & Bearing’s—the name of Tucker’s newly launched range of thoughtfully curated products exclusively available to yacht club members across the country. It’s no surprise Tucker’s inaugural product endeavor centers the sailing world. After all, he’s hosted more than 2,000 sailing shows and presentations and covered the sport’s top global events over the course of his career. This is a series of products built around the rewards of a well-earned day on the course on or off the water. And perhaps most importantly, it’s a brand experience for the wind chasers, the sun cravers, and the thrill collectors. To this community, we say: Go ahead.

The visual identity.

The name Range & Bearing’s is a direct nod to the traditional wayfinding technique used in navigation. But this is a brand that’s about so much more than direction. So we knew we wanted to conceive a visual experience that exemplified the five core positioning pillars we set out for the organization: tradition, adventure, discovery, camaraderie, and leisure. The resulting experience hints at nautical roots without boxing anything in. In fact, the idea of movement is central to each and every touchpoint. From the core logomark and its confident letterforms, to the wind-blown burgee emblem, to the energetic color palette, every detail points back to an experience with momentum. And easter egg elements make things that much more dynamic, like the signature pattern made of the nautical flag signals that spell out the brand name.

The messaging.

Range & Bearing’s is effectively an extension of the personality and reputation Tucker has already built in the marketplace—so we knew a considered, first-person voice would be central to the messaging strategy. The resulting tone is warm, approachable, and confident, a reflection of the personality of the Range & Bearing’s client base. This is a collective of work-hard, play-hard people—and the messaging exemplifies this ever-on-the-go outlook through signature headlines and accenting elements alike. It’s an approach that’s boundlessly flexible yet deeply personal.

The products.

Exclusively available to club members, these thoughtfully designed products celebrate the seafaring lifestyle in all its forms, whether you’re anchored or underway. First up, socks. They’re exclusively available to Club members, and they celebrate each Yacht Club’s distinct burgee in a fun yet distinguished way. These are no ordinary socks. The result is of exceptional quality, style, and most of all, comfort. We knew we needed to exemplify these core pillars through every accenting touchpoint—so from the packaging to the website to merchandise and supporting elements like packing materials, no touchpoint went unconsidered.

The launch.

This is a brand at its beginnings—and the team has plans to pull out all the stops when it comes to showcasing the experience and getting creative with accompanying marketing measures. So we crafted supporting materials that are as flexible as they are fun, from proposed merchandise branding to a custom email newsletter to social post graphics specifically intended to invite this growing community along for the ride. Range & Bearing’s is for luxury lovers, leisure strivers, and toast leaders at clubs across the country. And with a vibrant yet elegant strategy experience at their fingertips, we can’t wait to see where the seas carry them next.