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Revolutionizing neurovascular access.

In the seconds that surround a neurovascular emergency, clinicians need technology that serves their needs, and an innovation pipeline that anticipates what they’ll need next. This is why Q’Apel exists—and their current and future products are a direct demonstration of their dedication to delivering value to clinicians. This is an organization that thrives on complexity. But they sought Contrast & Co. to help them conceive a brand experience built on ease, excitement, and poise. So we set out to reimagine their brand and website experience to reflect their positioning and products in a manner as momentous as their results. And we had a whole lot of fun along the way.

The products.

By working side by side with neurovascular specialists who have dedicated their careers to serving stroke patients, Q’Apel crafts solutions that get straight to the heart of what’s needed. But how do we take that critical goal and transform it into a product strategy that blows the competitive landscape out of the water? By looking to the organization’s roots. Q’Apel is named for the Qu’Appelle River, a Canadian waterway that charts a winding path. And that’s what Q’Apel’s products do, too. So we brought this series of neurological catheters to life, literally. Meet The Walrus, The Wahoo, and The Armadillo. Each has its own distinct personality and visual identity—and together, they form a cohesive set that promises life-changing outcomes.

The website.

When it came to the website experience, the team primed us with a few core considerations. Perhaps top on our list: to focus as much on the organization’s signature messages and visual experience as on the products themselves. So we balanced the two in equal proportions, highlighting the individual product identities and more detailed product attributes, all while knitting the experience together through shared components and taxonomy. This is an organization with something to say, and a flexible resource section adapts to serve the various forms their expertise takes, from press accolades to publications to webinars. Now, as the organization grows and looks toward future product launches and line extensions, the site is primed to evolve as they do.

Events & activations.

It might seem superfluous for an organization devising transformative stroke care technologies to focus on culture and personality—but for Q’Apel, it’s critical. So when it comes to the robust portfolio of event materials and trade show activations, no detail is too small and no moment too insignificant. In particular, we continue to intentionally use a subtle accenting visual element within the brand identity: the pulse line. This lively neon-green element is boundlessly flexible and meaningful. Intended to embody the truly complex tortuosity of our body’s neurvasculature, this playful accent applies as seamlessly to swag items like folders or pens as to more complex resources like towering trade show booths or multi-day conferences.

Ongoing support.

We’ve considered the Q’Apel team a trusted cohort for a number of years now, and continue to evolve and adapt the visual experience to serve their growth and new product launches. As strategic partners across marketing, sales, culture, commercialization, and interactive needs, we’ve tailored and enhanced nearly every element of the Q’Apel experience. From design systems to campaign strategies to office graphics and everything in between, no resource is too insignificant to merit optimization through the lens of a continually delightful visual experience and brand persona. And we look forward to continuing the relationship years for to come. Because Q’Apel believes in a future where stroke care is transformed, and they’re committed to charting the course.