We help organizations of all shapes and sizes solve complex business and marketing challenges through their brand, messaging, and visual identity. Here’s how.

Brand Strategy & Development

Before a brand is a brand, it is an idea and the set of beliefs that inspired it. So before writing a word or placing a pixel, we set out to establish an immersive grasp on the objectives and philosophies of each client, as well as their positioning in the marketplace.

From there, we dive deep into creative explorations, pursuing a number of ideas, angles, and iterations before ultimately refining our efforts. We look to make things that people haven’t seen before. Haven’t experienced yet. In short, we create contrast. The result? A seamless marriage of beauty and function.

Key Deliverables
  • •  Discovery & Immersion
  • •  Stakeholder Interviews
  • •  Market Research       
  • •  Competitive Analysis
  • •  Brand Audits                      
  • •  Naming                     
  • •  Brand Positioning       
  • •  Brand Vision & Architecture
  • •  Logo Design           
  • •  Visual Identity Systems
  • •  Messaging & Mantras
  • •  Brand Guidelines      

Brand Activation

In its earliest stages, a brand is fragile, susceptible to interpretation and manipulation. It requires skilled hands and a nurturing approach to ensure it can grow, as well as an understanding of both its limitations and its potential. 

During this phase, we take a meticulous and intentional approach to realizing the brand we created together. We build systems and frameworks. We cultivate go-to assets. In short, we reinforce the foundation. Because how our brands come to life is perhaps even more important than what they look like.

Key Deliverables
  • •  Website UX & UI Design
  • •  Website Development & Launch
  • •  Social Post Design System
  • •  Digital Ad Design System
  • •  Email Design System
  • •  Presentation Design System
  • •  Brochure Design System
  • •  Templates                 
  • •  Press Releases          
  • •  Client Pitch Deck     
  • •  General Awareness Brochure
  • •  Product Sales Sheet
  • •  Tradeshow & Event Materials
  • •  Packaging Design
  • •  Environmental Design
  • •  Promotional Product Design
  • •  Video Conference
       Background Graphics
  • •  Video & Motion Graphics
  • •  Photography Library
  • •  Iconography Library

Brand Integration

A brand is an exercise in purpose first, consistency second. And as the brand reaches adolescence, new opportunities arise to push the envelope, and new challenges are revealed that the brand must overcome. 

It is during this stage that we are relentlessly pursuing the brand’s next evolution together. We fashion new campaigns. We maximize team member learning and buy-in. We troubleshoot emerging needs and accenting details to take the brand to the next level. And above all, we become your persistent advocates for contrast, embedded seamlessly into your team and workflows.

Key Deliverables
  • •  Creative Services Retainer
  • •  Ongoing Creative Support
  • •  Marketing Asset Design
  • •  Messaging & Identity Testing
  • •  Virtual Activations & Webinars
  • •  Culture Transformation &
       Inclusive Workplaces
  • •  Employee Engagement
  • •  Change Management
  • •  Design Thinking & Workshops
  • •  Brand Ambassadorship
  • •  Art Direction
  • •  Content & Campaign Strategy 
  • •  Content Development
  • •  Brand Guidelines Expansion
  • •  Special Projects
  • •  Photography Library Expansion 
  • •  Iconography Library Expansion 
  • •  Digital Asset Management
Dharma Pachner
April 24, 2023

The incalculable value of a brand.

Brand. There are perhaps only a handful of terms in the design industry today that generate as much confusion as this word. Which is why basic definitions of it often begin by reminding audiences that a brand is far more than a logo.

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Dharma Pachner, Founder + President

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