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Rebels Are Made

The world of real estate has long been a space for the few. Not anymore. FundRebel is transforming real estate investing with a bold new vision, an unprecedented offering, and an ardent invitation to the table. This all-access investment platform empowers anyone to actively participate in institutional-grade real estate ownership vehicles as a means of seizing their personal financial destiny. This is an organization with a point of view, a personality, and a serious bone to pick with the old ways of real estate investing. So we built a brand with something to say, a visual identity that starkly contrasts with the landscape, and above all, a strategic foundation poised to launch FundRebel from early-stage innovator to nationally recognized rebel.

Rebels Are Creative

It’s no small task to create an experience that at once screams rebel while also evoking sophistication and confidence—but that’s precisely what we set out to do here. And we had a lot of fun doing it. From the slick, tag-like logo to the electrifying palette to nuanced layers like the grit texture and a photo composite element we’re calling The Foundation, the resulting experience is eye-catching, welcoming, and ultimately, strikingly different. And perhaps one of the most under-appreciated elements of this brand: the typography. By layering a series of bold yet functional typefaces, as well as a range of weights and compositions, we create an experience that nods to guerilla marketing while also seamlessly transitioning to digital applications and nuanced financial reports.

Rebels Are Dynamic

FundRebel is an organization with a bone to pick. They’re reinventing the way things have always been done—and they’re not afraid to ruffle some feathers along the way. But this isn’t an exercise in pushing buttons just because. This is an exercise in empowering future investors. In making real estate investing more approachable. In uniting a community around a shared goal and truly powerful potential returns. So we honored this ethos through nuanced advertising graphics, campaign concepts, and unexpected marketing materials that go well beyond the usual toolkit. Perhaps most critical to the positioning of this organization: A commitment to inviting users to see themselves in the experience—and to imagine their future potential at FundRebel’s side.

Rebels Are Vocal

From the onset, the FundRebel team’s beliefs and expertise have driven their decision-making—from the properties targeted to the partnerships built to the financial impact of each resulting fund. And this isn’t an inherently simple model built upon easy-to-understand concepts. So we knew the brand’s voice and positioning needed to reflect a revolutionary point of view and a direct, comprehensible tone in equal measures. From a central strategic messaging framework to culture-driving organizational values to voice pillars, soundbites, and talking points—no word went unconsidered in the resulting content hierarchy. Because a core brand idea—“Rebels Are Made”—creates a sense of urgency; but the real work comes with applying this idea to assets large and small.

Rebels Are Visionary

FundRebel is imagining the future of real estate investing—an experience that empowers a new generation of investors to chart their financial destiny. This is a momentous and daunting goal. But that’s precisely what makes it so exhilarating. And no accenting element or swag item is too inconsequential to reinforce the brand’s point of view. From (literally) ground-breaking elements like a sledgehammer or a hardhat to more tactical digital applications like gated content and thought leadership, every building block is considered.