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Find flow.

Today, everyone and their mother crows about digital transformation—the importance of organizations embracing technology in order to advance. But digital transformation is so much more than conceiving a new strategy or implementing a platform and hoping for the best. True forward-facing organizations need systems that move as they do. Technology that anticipates the complexities of their business. Integrations that enhance competence, rather than introducing confusion or clunkiness. Partners that can actually move at the speed of change. Enter Windward, the leader in AI Ops technologies and real-world IT solutions that help clients find flow.

The visual identity.

Over the years, Windward’s competitive landscape has grown increasingly vast and the vocabulary for describing IT solutions increasingly mundane. Windward wanted to flow in a different direction. So we developed a sophisticated yet energizing palette, outcome-centric messaging, and a dynamic central monogram that infuses movement and modernity into every brand expression. It’s this visual embodiment of flow that equips the brand with an instantly recognizable look—and the flexibility to shift and grow as the organization does.

The flow.

Flexibility is key to a functional brand vocabulary—and that’s where The Flow comes in. An elegant visual extension of the monogram, The Flow adds boundless range, serves as a balancing element in compositions, and—most importantly—reinforces the momentum and fluidity of the Windward brand and offerings. It’s a shape excites and elevates, and it’s ideally suited to an organization enhancing flow with every engagement.

The resources & systems.

A striking visual identity and distinct brand voice are important—but even more critical are the systems, tools, and resources to ensure seamless implementation of that look and feel over time. From clearcut, easily usable slide templates to memorable brochures and sales resources, we equipped this growing IT services powerhouse with the essentials to catch eyes, lead conversations, and deepen connections, whether in board rooms, virtual sales pitches, or beyond.

The culture.

Others in Windward’s space tout the best pedigree or utmost accolades. Their team simply focuses on the right people for the job. So what does that look like? It looks like a culture built on camaraderie, high standards, and an exacting, no-drama attitude they’ve dubbed “calmbitious.” Inspired by the distinct personality we felt within their organization from the moment we met the team, we infused creativity, wit, and intention into the brand—from the largest focal points to the smallest internal touchpoints.