UX/UI Designer + Brand Strategist


Cortney is a designer and creative thinker with an appreciation for big ideas.

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Cortney focuses her efforts on a variety of client needs, supporting everything from visually striking interactive design initiatives to bold design systems for social, campaigns, content, and beyond. She began her career at a fitness tech startup before transitioning to agency life. Most recently, she worked for Baltimore agency idfive, where she designed websites for major universities, as well as campaigns for large local organizations. She is passionate about big ideas—and the untapped human truths that we all share. Cortney now resides in Salt Lake City, UT, but keeps one foot planted on the East Coast. With experience in the fitness, higher education, nonprofit, real estate, and restaurant industries, she thinks variety is the spice of life.

What Contrast means to me?

My high school art teacher always used to say “Push your contrast.” And that sentiment has stuck with me more than most design principles I’ve learned. Your colors can always be a little bit stronger, your designs a little bit more interesting. Contrast is what makes things pop against their surroundings. I strive to create contrast in my life by following what inspires me, not what is expected of me.


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