Director, Brand Activations & Integration


For well over a decade, Wes has been dedicated to comprehensive problem-solving within the creative and marketing industries.

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At Contrast & Co., Wes is tasked with heading up interactive strategy and client services, and is focused on the agency goal of building the most transformative brand experiences in the world. Consistent service delivery and customer satisfaction are two pillars of Wes’s vision when working with clients. In his early career, Wes worked at a multitude of creative agencies before shifting focus to marketing initiatives as Realterm Global’s Marketing Director. Most recently, as Chief Operating Officer of Dreamscape Marketing, Wes was instrumental in establishing efficient operations for an ever-growing marketing agency. Leading production and creative departments as well as client services, he and his team were able to produce 80+ website projects with fully integrated online marketing campaigns in the space of two years.

Solutions-oriented and outcomes-driven, he continually applies the Contrast & Co. core competencies to any brand challenge.

What Contrast means to me?

To me, Contrast is a unique way of thinking. It’s our innate ability and desire to question everything, to mine opportunities where there don’t seem to be any, and show our clients a new way or a new perspective. That “a-ha” moment is what drives me—the excitement of taking a mundane request or fledgling idea and breathing new life into it in ways that unlock possibilities never fathomed before. To me, that’s contrast. And I can’t imagine a better way to do creative work.


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