Founder + President


Dharma is a brand strategist and career creative director. He’s also the founder of Contrast & Co., an agency determined to build the most strikingly different brand experiences in the world.

In his two decades in this industry, Dharma has been the creative, interactive, and user experience director at DC’s leading digital agencies including HZDG, Chief, RockCreek, and most recently, LEVICK, where he established the Brand and Creative Division.

Dharma has reimagined and redefined brands for the most visible organizations in the world, including Disney, The Department of State, Sandals Resorts, Seventh Generation, Newman’s Own Foundation, and Rockefeller Center. Locally, he has led the creative efforts for organizations like WGL, Federal Realty, Strathmore, Clark Construction, and the National Science Foundation.

For as long as he can remember, he has been challenging conventions and exploring the undiscovered. He stumbled into this industry two decades ago as a somewhat fresh-faced young designer, and has continued to invent—and reinvent—himself every day since. In the span of his career, he has been a designer, a developer, an information architect, user experience lead, and the creative visionary and team motivator behind hundreds of projects.

What Contrast means to me?

Design changed my life. It revealed a universe I never knew existed. It was this wonderful new realm where being different was something to celebrate. Suddenly, standing out was something to strive for. It was a philosophy I needed to hear, and I fell in love with the practice instantly. That’s what contrast means to me.


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