Senior Art Director


Kate is a dedicated artist who has a passion for all things brand, and for representing an organization’s values through dynamic visuals.

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With more than 15 years of experience in conceptual and production design, she pulls from her expertise in visual arts to employ solutions that benefit from a holistic understanding of what it takes to fully realize a design vision.

Previously, as the Creative Manager at CBRE, Inc., Kate was tasked with preserving the integrity of an international brand as well as providing contemporary executions of new ideas. Kate is skillful at developing designs that incorporate conceptual thought and fresh perspectives, going well beyond standard Photoshop work to create something truly unique and motivating.

What Contrast means to me?

To me, contrast means being yourself. Everyone is unique, and simply being yourself is how you stand out. That’s what we try to do for our partners. We try to capture what makes each client unique and bring it to the forefront. Of course, I’ll take working behind the scenes over being the lead singer anyday. But contrast doesn’t need to be loud. It just needs to be felt in an authentic and effective way.


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