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Dharma is a brand strategist and career creative director. He’s also the founder of Contrast & Co., an agency determined to build the most strikingly different brand experiences in the world.


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What makes you different is what makes you.

How to design strikingly different brand experiences that stand out in the great sea of similarity.

Across organizations and industries, brands are beginning to look, feel, and sound more homogeneous and predictable than ever. The trend towards responsive layouts and design systems introduces enormous efficiencies, but with those efficiencies there comes a creative cost: a certain uniformity of look and feel. So, how can organizations use design to stand out in saturated markets?

What audiences can expect to learn:

  • The powerful principle of contrast in branding, and how to use it to create strikingly different brand experiences.
  • The five key visual brand signals, and how organizations can use them effectively to own their identity.
  • The power of metaphor as a way to help organizations and industries tell their stories.
  • And most importantly, how all of us can use design to spark emotional connections and motivate audiences in new ways.

Previous Presentations

MidAtlantic Marketing Summit / Baltimore, MD

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  • I love this industry and I am incredibly passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience in order to inspire and foster others.
  • I am interested in partnering with event coordinators and staying connected to the community beyond the conference itself.
  • I am available to attend the entire event and engage with attendees, schedule permitting.
  • I am experienced, engaging, and comfortable speaking in front of large groups.

Add my name to what I know is a huge list of people that believe Dharma is one of the most talented Creative Directors they have ever had the good fortune to work with. Dharma is one of those guys that always sees the next level, the way things could be, a true optimist that has the talents to make his vision a reality for clients.

Marc Caposino, CEO, Fuselab Creative

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