A love letter to magenta.

As one of the primary defining signals of a brand, color plays an essential role. It is a foundational element of a visual identity, and its power to create a feeling is unparalleled. All of this means that establishing the right color for your brand is critical.

For us, that color is magenta. If you haven’t noticed, we’re huge fans of magenta here at Contrast. Some call it pink. Or hot pink. Ugh. It’s neither. It’s magenta. And as a brand color for us, it’s perfect.


First off, you can spot it from a mile away. The next time you are out walking, try and notice it. You’ll see what we mean. Magenta is bright, vibrant, and nearly impossible to ignore. It commands attention. It demands to be seen.

Contrast & Co. Signature Brand Visuals - Candy Hearts

Magenta also pairs extraordinarily well with our black-and-white aesthetic. It adds a necessary energy and warmth to our look. It complements our neutral tones beautifully, and even a small splash of it in branding materials is enough to power them to life.

Just as critically, magenta is emotionally evocative. It is a color historically associated with excitement, energy, and passion—which, conveniently enough, are exactly the characteristics that define our agency. Magenta is a reflection of our ideals, and it helps people form a strong emotional connection with our brand.

Magenta is bright, vibrant, and nearly impossible to ignore. It commands attention. It demands to be seen.

Some consider magenta a feminine color. We disagree. Unlike other colors that are traditionally associated with a specific gender, we see magenta as a color that speaks to anyone. The broader the audience, the better.

And finally, with the exception of the T-Mobiles of the world, magenta is not a color that we see often in branding, which makes it the perfect choice for an agency that is determined to remain strikingly different.

Contrast & Co. Signature Brand Visuals - Magenta Pantone Swatch

So, that’s why we are freaking crazy about magenta here. It’s definitely not for everyone, but It’s the right color for us.

When we design brand identities for our clients, we find their version of magenta—the color or colors that best capture and exemplify the ideas they want to convey and the feelings they want to evoke. Sometimes their magenta turns out to be green. Other times, it’s orange. Whatever the color is, it’s a unique choice for every organization and when applied correctly, it can be a powerful signal.

Contrast & Co. is a boutique brand strategy, design, and digital studio driven to create the smartest and most effective brand experiences anywhere. We help organizations of all sizes define themselves and express their messages in ways that are unique, motivating, and powerful. From naming and identities to comprehensive brand guides, rollout strategies, and websites, we help our clients stand out and get noticed.

Contrast & Co. has been named to Adweek's Top 100 Fastest-Growing Agencies. We see it as our responsibility, and honor, to help our clients shine—so let's create some contrast together. Reach out to us at carin@contrastandco.com

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