We are Contrast.

We’re runners and gamers. CrossFitters and Netflix bingers. But at our core, every single one of us is an artist. We believe in the transformative power of design, and are driven to create brand experiences that stand out and drive results. It is a fresh way of thinking and a philosophy that powers us daily. Why would we ever want to blend in? Contrast is far more interesting.


Founder + Creative Director

Dharma is a Brand Strategist + Creative Director. He also happens to be the Founder of Contrast & Co., an agency determined to build the most transformative brand experiences in the world.

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Chief Everything Officer

Carin is the Chief Everything Officer at Contrast &. Co. A cheerleader and strategic problem-solver above all, she heads up agency operations, financials, logistics, snacks, and everything in between.

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Senior Art Director + Brand Strategist

Kate is a dedicated artist who has a passion for all things brand, and representing  an organization’s core values through dynamic visuals.

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Client Services + Brand Strategist

For over a decade, Wes has been dedicated to the comprehensive problem solving within the creative & marketing industries.

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Interactive Designer + Brand Strategist

Love for design and passion for people have always been the two driving forces throughout Kayla’s career.

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Designer + Brand Strategist

Beth is driven by a passion for branding plus over 11 years of experience in the design and print industry.

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Designer + Brand Strategist

Sierra is a highly driven designer passionate about all things branding and marketing.

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Head of Research + Brand Strategist

Elizabeth has a passion for uncovering actionable insights through the research process.

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Content Director + Brand Strategist

Liz is a passionate brand builder and creative leader dedicated to pushing boundaries with dimensional storytelling for a variety of platforms.

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