Director, Interactive


Creatively pragmatic, Chelsea has been helping brands develop better relationships through design and interactive experiences for over 12 years.

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Above all, Chelsea has a passion for forging strong relationships with clients, understanding the end consumer, and pushing for creative solutions that actually mean something.

Before joining Contrast & Co., Chelsea cultivated a wide mix of experience at agencies, startups, and in-house brand teams. Her clients have come from a range of industries, including food and beverage, real estate and hospitality, B2B, financial services, consumer products, fitness and action sports, and more. No matter the industry, the challenge is the same: build exceptional relationships between businesses and the customers they serve. For the last eight years, she has been focused on balancing unique experiences with best practices and on building constructive bridges from design to deployment.

Chelsea is eager to work collaboratively with clients and the Contrast & Co. team to deliver exceptional interactive brand experiences.

What Contrast means to me?

My background isn’t particularly traditional. I have learned my skills in a trial-by-fire sort of way. If there’s something I want to do, it’s always been on me to figure out how do get it done. Contrast to me is that fire. That desire to do something that goes against the grain. Not strictly for the sake of standing out, but to be fundamentally set apart from the rest with intent.


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